Reception Admissions

School Tours

We encourage parents and carers to take up one of the many opportunities to visit the school prior to applying for a place. Our headteacher will welcome you, provide an extensive tour and answer any questions you may have. Please contact a member of our Office Team on 020 7622 4101 or email to arrange this and see upcoming dates below.

During the national government restrictions in the autumn term, we also created this short video of our headteacher providing you a virtual tour:

Feedback from parents and carers who have visited in person has been very positive:

“It really is a very special place with a wonderful vibe.”
“I was very impressed with your school and your facilities.”
“The teachers and the children all seemed very calm, engaged and happy.”

Tour dates for the spring and summer terms:

9.30am on Tuesday 16th March
9.30am on Wednesday 24th March
9.30am on Tuesday 30th March
9.30am on Wednesday 21st April
9.30am on Tuesday 27th April
9.30am on Wednesday 5th May
9.30am on Tuesday 11th May
9.30am on Wednesday 19th May
9.30am on Tuesday 25th May
9.30am on Wednesday 9th June
9.30am on Tuesday 15th June
9.30am on Wednesday 23rd June
9.30am on Tuesday 29th June
9.30am on Wednesday 7th July
9.30am on Tuesday 13th July

Catchment Area

There has been a year-on-year increase in the number of first preferences at Heathbrook recently and also a lengthy waiting list for places in September 2020. We are hugely grateful to our parents and carers who do so much promoting of our community and ethos to new families.

We have a much wider catchment area than most inner London schools. A lot of our families chose to travel considerable distances to benefit from our learning environment and curriculum focus on the arts, music, outdoor learning and sport. The limited amount of housing immediately around the school means we can serve a wider community of parents and children who are attracted to our school ethos and values. Here is a map showing the distance families are travelling for their children to attend Heathbrook’s Reception classes in September 2020:

Parents and carers frequently ask us about the (national) admissions preference system. Please read helpful admissions guidance explaining this ‘preference’ system more clearly.

Transition into Reception

[Please note that some of these arrangements were altered last year following the government’s decision to close schools due to Covid-19. Please visit our Information for New Families webpage for more details, including a welcome to Reception video!]

We provide a range of activities to ensure that children have a smooth transition into school. These include home visits and in-school sessions during the summer term before the long break to develop strong bonds with staff and the learning environment. Children and parents even have a chance to try the school meals!

New reception children and parents attending one of our transition sessions in the summer term and meet teaching staff, children's centre staff and senior staff.

New reception children and parents attend one of our transition sessions in the summer term and meet teaching staff and senior staff.

Selection Criteria

Our selection criteria is the same as all other Lambeth Community schools, which is as follows:

  1. Looked after children. A ‘looked after child’ is a child who is in the care of a local authority or provided with accommodation by that authority – according to section 20 of the Children Act 1989.
  2. Children with a brother or sister who already attends the school, and would not have left the school at the time of admission. A sibling is defined as a full/half/step brother or sister, living at the same address, a child who is living as part of the family by reason of a court order, or a child who has been placed with foster carers at that address as a result of being looked after by the Local Authority.
  3. Children with a professionally supported medical or social need that the school is especially able to meet. Admissions decisions will be taken by Lambeth’s Children and Young People’s Service (CYPS) MEDSOC panel. Letters from an appropriate professional must support these applications although these will not always be conclusive.
  4. Priority will be given on the basis of distance, between the child’s home and the school, measured by a straight-line.

For further information on Lambeth’s criteria for community schools, please read Lambeth’s primary admissions information 2021-22.

Nursery Admissions

We offer

  • our celebrated Forest School (Natural Thinkers) curriculum
  • weekly music and PE lessons with specialist teachers
  • an exceptional learning environment underpinned by strong relationships.

“It’s such a warm and creative space, our kids love it!” Parent

Have a look at the latest photos of what our Nursery children are getting up to on their class update webpage.

Admissions for nursery places is controlled by the school, please read or ask for a copy of our Nursery Admissions Policy. An application form can be obtained from the school office and needs to be returned to a member of office staff to put your child on our waiting list.

Since September 2017 the government has introduced new childcare funding options. 30 hours of free childcare for 3 and 4 year olds in our Nursery for ‘working families’. Tax-free childcare (20% off) will also be available for all pupils who attend our high quality Breakfast Club (from 7.30am) and after-school Heath Kidz (until 6pm).

Nursery tours

We welcome visits from families who would like to find out more about our exceptional nursery and beautiful outdoor spaces. Please contact a member of our Office Team on 020 7622 4101 or email to book a place on a tour (see dates above).

Loesje Macrory, our Early Years Team Leader, is also looking forward to hearing from you:

In-Year Transfers

If you are interested in discussing an in-year transfer (for any time other than starting Reception), please contact a member of our Office Team in the first instance on 020 7622 4101 or email

Secondary Admissions

Staff are available to support your application for secondary school. We hold information meetings every summer term for parents and carers of children in Years 3, 4 and 5. Individual meetings with staff are available on request and we support the completion of application forms too.

For information about local secondary schools, please visit Lambeth’s secondary admissions, Wandsworth’s secondary admissions or other local authority’s websites providing secondary school admissions arrangements.

In recent years children at Heathbrook have moved on to all the local state and private secondary schools as well as some further afield – enjoy reading the full list!