Ofsted Report – January 2020

Our recent Ofsted inspection upholds our status as a “good” school. In an increasingly tough climate for inspections, we were given only one minor area for improvement, with the inspector clearly impressed with the outcomes we are delivering for our children.

The report highlights our ‘high academic standards’, that ‘pupils achieve highly in their reading, writing and mathematical assessments’ and how children are ‘well prepared for secondary school’. In addition, it notes how ‘staff plan creative and engaging activities indoors and outdoors’ that ‘help pupils build on their prior learning’.

Our children’s positive attitudes to learning are acknowledged; how they ‘behave well for adults because they are interested in their learning’, ‘enjoy lessons’ and that ‘learning is fun’. It adds that ‘pupils are friendly to each other’, ‘play well together’ and how ‘pupils told me that there is no bullying’.

Another strength of the school is our ‘close community feel’ which is the result of ‘extensive support from all staff for pupils and families’. The importance we place on strong relationships is recognised through how ‘members of staff know their pupils well’. Being given one minor area for development is a significant achievement given the revised Ofsted expectations in September 2019. This area is something we are already working towards and we communicated this to the inspector.

The report resoundingly endorses the culture we have created together with our families. Following parent and carer feedback, the inspector noted that ‘many parents and carers recognise how special Heathbrook is’.

Please download and share a copy of the full report.