Annual Parent Questionnaire – January 2019

During our spring term Parent Partnership Meetings we asked parents and carers to complete a comprehensive and highly respected Kirkland Rowell questionnaire online. The responses were representative of all year groups as well as reflecting our community in terms of eligibility for free school meals.

We are delighted that in comparison with other schools nationally, respondents gave the school an ‘excellent overall performance score’. Parents unanimously rated the school’s overall performance as ‘very good’ (69%) or ‘good’ (31%).

51% of respondents (whose children were not in their first year at the school) said that the school had improved over the last year and just 2% thought the school’s performance was worse.

Of parents of new pupils, 77% said that the school was better than they had expected it to be and none felt that the school had not lived up to their expectations.

The survey highlighted these areas of school life that parents and carers consider particularly ‘outstanding’:

  • School communication
  • Library facilities
  • Out of school activities
  • Use of exams and testing
  • Social health education

The survey identified this priority for even further development (they are currently already judged as ‘good’):

  • Levels of homework

The report explained that no areas of school life were considered as ‘room for improvement’ or ‘attention advised’.

Thank you again to everyone who took the time to share your important views.