Pupil Premium


We believe in providing teaching and learning opportunities to meet the needs of each child regardless of socio-economic grouping or any other factors.

During our most recent Ofsted inspection, it was noted, “the school is deeply committed to good achievement by all pupils and to the development of their talents and the discovery of new interests. Equal opportunities are very well promoted and no pupil is denied access to what the school has to offer.”


We are dedicated to ensuring that necessary additional support is provided for socially disadvantaged pupils to enable them to make accelerated progress following regular needs analyses of individual pupils. Our commitment to this over recent years has resulted in narrowed gaps in achievement and an overall rise in attainment. We provide support under these three areas:

  • Academic
  • Pastoral
  • Enrichment.

No single intervention provides a complete solution to the complex educational issues in any school and it is therefore a multi-faceted approach that offers the best opportunity for pupils to succeed. The key to minimising the gap between the highest and lowest achieving pupils is through careful and thorough monitoring of pupil attainment and progress.  At Heathbrook all teaching and learning staff are jointly involved in data collection and analysis. Our monitoring informs which interventions are chosen. The interventions come in a variety of forms:

  • Providing small group work with expert teachers focussed on overcoming gaps in learning
  • Individual support with a member of teaching staff
  • Using outside agencies eg. Springboard, Dramatherapy, Speech and Language
  • Pupil mentoring
  • Pupils targeted for enrichment activities
  • Pastoral Support Worker.

Staff use the Sutton Trust’s research (Education Endowment Fund) to guide decisions about expenditure, being sure to use interventions that have been proven to ensure good outcomes for pupils. ‘Narrowing the achievement gap for disadvantaged pupils – good practice in schools’ written by Lambeth LA is also referred to. The school’s Pupil Premium Action Plan is evaluated termly and shared with Sonia Ellis, our Governor responsible for Pupil Premium, and the Governors’ Achievement Sub Committee.

Raising attendance levels has also been critical in improving attainment and progress.  Levels of persistent absenteeism are also robustly monitored by our Attendance and Punctuality Team and interventions are put in place, liaising with outside agencies as necessary.

Pupil Premium Grant in 2014-15

Our allocation of £241,100 provided:

  • Teachers £151,000
  • Support staff £82,000
  • Kids Company 8,000

Outcomes in 2014-15

  • Significantly more pupils (93%) receiving Pupil Premium achieved expected levels in Reading, Writing and Maths compared to schools nationally (70%) in Key Stage 2 SATs.
  • Significantly more pupils (50%) receiving Pupil Premium achieved above the expected level in Reading compared to schools nationally (34%) in Key Stage 2 SATs.
  • Significantly more pupils (100%) receiving Pupil Premium achieved expected levels of progress Maths compared to schools nationally (86%) in Key Stage 2 SATs.
  • 100% of pupils receiving Pupil Premium achieved expected levels of progress in Reading compared to 88% in schools nationally in Key Stage 2 SATs.
  • 100% of pupils receiving Pupil Premium achieved expected levels of progress in Writing compared to 92% schools nationally in Key Stage 2 SATs.
  • Pupils receiving Pupil Premium achieved above other schools nationally in Reading, Writing and Maths in Key Stage 1 SATs.
  • All pupils receiving Pupil Premium passed the Year 1 Phonics Test (excluding those with special educational needs).

Pupil Premium Grant in 2015-16

Our allocation of £225,504 will provide:

  • Teachers £91,000
  • Support staff £107,000
  • Springboard literacy £17,000
  • Family therapy £3,800
  • New assessment resources £5,000
  • Shine Saturday school £1,900
  • Musical instruments £1,000


Sports Premium Funding

As one of the Four Pillars of our Community Curriculum, sport plays a key part in our provision at Heathbrook. We are committed to helping our children achieve a minimum of 30 minutes of exercise during the day outside of the sporting activities provided during the school curriculum and our extended hours sport services.

School Councillors asked if there could be more activities for children during break times.

We have invested in equipment (using Sports Premium funding) that provides children with a chance to participate in sports that may usually be inaccessible.

Our extensive grounds have enabled us to incorporate sport in three different areas (pitch, upper playground and lower playground). These areas are used comprehensively during lunch and day time breaks by students of all ages who are encouraged to participate by the on-duty staff. The staff are trained as part of their continuing professional development (using Sports Premium funding) run by school.

The activities are changed on a daily basis in every area ensuring children are exposed to different sports. Each area gives the children the opportunity to increase physical activity, develop relationships through sport and increase their love for sport. By providing these extra activities we aim to provide every child with a healthy lifestyle while at the same time enhancing their social skills.

Sports Premium Funding in 2016-17

Our allocation of £9,357.00 provided:-

  • An additional year of swimming lessons for Year 3 pupils
  • An even wider range of before and aftr school sport activities (clubws)
  • More structured sports activities at lunchtimes
  • Even more inter-school competitions.

Outcomes in 2016-17:-

  • Year 3 pupils achieved a secure level of swimming which they will now develop further with school lessons in year 4
  • Pupils accessed new sports including volleyball, hockey, gold, table tennis and kickboxing
  • Significantly higher numbers of pupils regularly engaged in structured sports activities at playtimes and lunchtimes
  • Significantly higher numbers of pupils regularly participated in inter-school competitions
  • Training for staff included tennis, gymnastics, cricket, cycle confidence.

Sports Premium Funding in 2017-18

Our allocation of £18,000.00 will provide:-

  • An additional year of swimming lessons for the year 4 pupils
  • Retaining (through provision of physical and hman resources) our incredibly wide range of before and after school sport activities (clubs); e.g. Martial Arts for girls, Boys’ Ballet, Basketball
  • A Sports Coach to provide structured PE activities at morning breaktimes and lunchtimes
  • Continued high level of inter-school competitions; including Lambeth Schools’ Football league
  • Well-being/fitness courses for the whole community
  • Equipment to develop new sports such as archery and handball
  • Training for teaching and learning staff to enable them to teach PE more effectively
  • Partnership development so that organisations such as Rambert, Spencer Lacrosse Club, Royal Opera House etc., can support the PE offer
  • Transportation to sporting events
  • Access to a local Adventure playground.