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17 07, 2019

Year 3 Capacity!

By | July 17th, 2019|Year 3/4 2018-19|

We have been learning about mass and capacity. For our last Maths lesson, in Year 3, we went to the playground and experimented with different containers and tubs. We were measuring their total capacity and comparing which object had the greatest or least capacity. We then recorded our results in a table.



4 07, 2019

3D shapes!

By | July 4th, 2019|Year 3/4 2018-19|

Year 3 have been learning about 2D and 3D shapes. We have learnt how to describe a 2D shape by its angles and lines of symmetry and this week we began looking at 3D shapes. We have learnt how to describe a 3D shape by its: faces, vertices and edges. Today we made our own […]

26 06, 2019

Teepee making!

By | June 26th, 2019|Outdoor Learning, Year 3/4 2018-19|

Year 3/4 have had so much fun today Teepee making in the playground. This was inspired by our Stone Age topic in term 1. We all helped to position the wooden posts and wrap the canvas around. We loved getting to go inside.


7 06, 2019

Year 3 has a great TIME making clocks today!

By | June 7th, 2019|Mathematics, Year 3/4 2018-19|

To help develop our understanding of how a clock works as well as being able to tell the time we made clocks today in maths. We made sure we labelled the minute and hour hand, o’clock, half past, quarter past and quarter to. We then decorated our clocks to make them unique to us.


24 05, 2019

Planet Earth and Space Science Talk!

By | May 24th, 2019|Science, Year 3/4 2018-19|

Today year 3/4 were lucky enough to have a visit from Liz, a geologist, who came to talk to us all about planet Earth and space. We were all particularly fascinated with volcanoes and watching volcanoes erupt. We came up with some amazing questions to ask and therefore learnt so much.


20 03, 2019

Year 3 Tate Britain Exhibition!

By | March 20th, 2019|Year 3/4 2018-19|

At the beginning of term, all year 3 children were lucky enough to have their photo taken by some photographers from Tate Britain. This was for a project, created by Steve Mcqueen who is an Oscar-winning film maker, with the idea to take pictures of all Year 3 children across London.

Following on from […]

6 02, 2019

By | February 6th, 2019|Year 3/4 2018-19|

We have loved learning about the Romans so far. We have particularly enjoyed learning about the Roman army and their invasions. This afternoon we made shields inspired by the Roman army. We can’t wait to try them out!

KODAK Digital Still Camera


6 02, 2019

Roman shields!

By | February 6th, 2019|Year 3/4 2018-19|

KODAK Digital Still Camera

KODAK Digital Still Camera

KODAK Digital Still Camera

KODAK Digital Still Camera


23 01, 2019

Roman Invasions!

By | January 23rd, 2019|Year 3/4 2018-19|

Today in topic, Year 3/4 have been learning about Roman invasions. To really understand what it may have been like, we invaded the other year 3/4 classes. Fortunately, each class managed to hold their ground and defend their own classroom. We then created posters about the Roman Invasions. We had a lot of fun!!!


18 12, 2018

Winter Poems!

By | December 18th, 2018|Year 3/4 2018-19|

In  Literacy, we began thinking of all the things we can taste, smell, hear, see and touch during winter time. We paired these with how we may feel and created our own poems. We then performed these to the rest of our class.

What things can you see, hear and taste during the Winter Holidays?