I have really noticed during lockdown how loudly the birds are singing.  Without all the noise of the traffic they can hear each other and have proper conversations.

This got me thinking about making and drawing birds as an art activity.  A really easy bird to draw is one using your hand as a template.  I drew this one to look like it was flying and separated my fingers like Dr Spock in Star Trek.

Can you make the Vulcan sign?

Then you can decorate and colour to your hearts content.  I limited the colour palette here, I always think that’s a good limitation to have.

A flying bird

Another way to do this is to open out your fingers and draw around them.  Here is a finished bird drawn this way.

Another way to draw is a bird is just draw it,  I love this painting of a bird done by Georg Baselitz, he is a German painter and he painted this bird upside down.

Or you can paint,  this is a pigeon.  They are everywhere in London,  they are not the prettiest bird but are very strong and able to fly upwards at great speed.


These birds were inspired by the American bird artist Charley Harper. I cut them out of printed paper and made markings on them using a fine felt tip.

Can you find out where this mural of a crow is in Clapham?

I hope you enjoy drawing and making birds this week.  Please show me your art, I love it when you use the art blog and am so happy to see your art.

Sunny Wishes!


Mrs Frost