27 01, 2020

“Childhood is a whirlwind…”

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Last year, the Year 3 children were invited to be a part of Steve McQueen’s ‘Year 3′ project. McQueen chose this particular year group for the project because, he says, it is at seven and eight that children begin to “shed their solipsism and navigate the structures that shape their world.” On Tuesday 21st January, […]

19 12, 2019

The Mind Bending Art of Bridget Riley!!

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Our  year  5 art curators  have  put  together  a wonderful  display  describing  their  experience  of  working  at  the   Hayward  Gallery  as  guides.  It’s  on  the  top  floor  in  Miss  Thomas’s  room.  Read  about  the  exhibition  and  see  their  spectacular  art  work  and  some  examples  of Bridget  Riley’s  incredible  work  that  she  has  created  over  her  […]

19 12, 2019

William Morris Paintings

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We enjoyed learning about William Morris when we studied the Victorians.  We looked at his beautiful designs and how his wallpaper was created with lots of wooden printing blocks and paints.  We really liked the pattern Strawberry Thief and lots of us used elements of that […]

13 12, 2019

Skylarks designed trousers!

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“In Literacy we were learning about a boy called Ug living in the Stone Age. He wanted some warm trousers so we had to work together to design and make some soft, woolly, comfortable trousers for Ug.”

“I liked learning about Ug’s life in the Stone Age!”

“I’m so sad this was the last day of Ug,”

“I […]

10 12, 2019

Hayward Gallery Takeover Day!

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Today was the big day for the art curators from year 5 to present the workshop they created to the school visitors to the gallery.  They worked with 7 groups of 30 throughout the day and really enjoyed this unique experience.  They spoke to Miss Thomas and Miss Belgrave who took them there and said […]

10 12, 2019

Bridget Riley Art Curators

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Eight budding art curators have been working intensively with the producers at the Hayward Gallery to present to other London schools the work of Bridget Riley.  Bridget Riley is famous for her op-art pictures that play with your eyes as well as your mind.  Our Heathbrook curators have explored the history of her work,  they […]

12 11, 2019

Year 3 Exhibition at Tate Britain

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Last autumn, when our current Year 4 pupils were in Year 3, their photo was taken to be part of Steve McQueen’s Year 3 exhibition at the Tate Britain.

Now the exhibition has opened, we are thrilled to see it hanging on the wall in the main Duveen Galleries (see below for the exact location) […]