23 06, 2020


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I have really noticed during lockdown how loudly the birds are singing.  Without all the noise of the traffic they can hear each other and have proper conversations.

This got me thinking about making and drawing birds as an art activity.  A really easy bird to draw is one using your hand as a template.  I […]

1 06, 2020

Paper Cuts from Mexico to Wandsworth Rd and a Leatherback Turtle Puppet

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Hello Everyone!

How are you all?  I hope you have enjoyed the sunny weather over half term and did lots of nice things like exercise and reading.  Today we are going to look at making paper cuts.  These are great to improve our scissor skills and you can make your work as simple or as complicated […]

18 05, 2020

Doodle with Jon Burgerman!

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Hello everybody!

I hope you are all very, very well.  I love getting pictures from you,  it’s so exciting to see how you interpret the activities on the blog.  Have confidence in your own abilities,  the Australian artist Ken Done says “there are no rules in art, but it’s important to learn how to draw.”  What […]