27 01, 2020

“Childhood is a whirlwind…”

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Last year, the Year 3 children were invited to be a part of Steve McQueen’s ‘Year 3′ project. McQueen chose this particular year group for the project because, he says, it is at seven and eight that children begin to “shed their solipsism and navigate the structures that shape their world.” On Tuesday 21st January, […]

17 01, 2020

Plain Soiling!

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On Wednesday afternoon, our Year 4 biologists got their hands dirty using their scientific observational skills.

“This week in science, we investigated soil and compost. On our tables, there were two separate trays; one filled with compost and the other with soil. We tried to guess which was which by thinking about what we already knew. […]

19 12, 2019

The Little Prince

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Yesterday Year 2 and 3 enjoyed a trip to the Omnibus theatre in Clapham to watch The Little Prince.

Renaya said she enjoyed going “because it wasn’t on a screen, it was acted out.Abbas said “I felt strange because of the fog which made it look magic”.
Annabel said “their acting was interesting because they went to […]

19 12, 2019

William Morris Paintings

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We enjoyed learning about William Morris when we studied the Victorians.  We looked at his beautiful designs and how his wallpaper was created with lots of wooden printing blocks and paints.  We really liked the pattern Strawberry Thief and lots of us used elements of that […]

16 12, 2019

Yrs 1& 2 Magical Traditions around the World

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Years 1&2 kick started our Magical Traditions with a song about different Father Christmas’ across the world followed by songs from Australia, Ukraine and Columbia. Our Year 2’s sang in Spanish for the first time and did a fantastic job of it too.

It was great to see their learning come alive on stage!