20 09, 2019

This Week’s Learning – Week Commencing 23.9.2019

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Literacy – This week, we will be finishing, checking, editing and publishing our ‘Way Back Home’ stories.

Maths – In maths, we will be looking at the place value system, including partitioning 4 digit numbers in a different ways, and drawing and using number lines to 10,000.

Science – This week in science, we will continue to […]

12 09, 2019

Year 5 Researchers

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Year 5 have demonstrated their skills in research as they worked in groups to find out information about the buildings and history of London.   They have shared some fascinating facts already …


Did you know that the London Eye has 32 pods but there is a pod 33?  The reason – there is no pod […]

17 05, 2019

Painshill Park

By | May 17th, 2019|Miscellaneous, Year 5 2018-19|


Year 5 had the most wonderful day out in Painshill Park.  They worked in teams using a compass and an ordinance survey map to find 10 key locations and spot the ordinance survey flag to collect their stamp.  The race was on to meet  at the old fort at the end!  It was a beautiful […]

17 05, 2019

Wild Things keeping the garden in order

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The Wild Things know what to do and arrive every Friday on a mission  we had so many teams working together to keep things ticking over …



25 04, 2019

Green Wall

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4 04, 2019

Groovy Greeks

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Year 5 enthralled us today with their enthusiasm and flair as they guided us back in time to Ancient Greece.

We meet the goddesses and gods who lived on […]

28 03, 2019

Year 3/4 Visit the CLC

By | March 28th, 2019|Miscellaneous, Year 3/4 2018-19|

On Monday, Year 3 and 4 went to the CLC to build on our programming skills. We used a programme called Scratch to explore algorithms, ensuring that we understand that instructions need to be given to a computer in sequence. You can access Scratch on tablets and computers at home to keep practising this at […]

22 03, 2019

Moving homes

By | March 22nd, 2019|Miscellaneous, Outdoor Learning, Wild things, Year 5 2018-19|

Today the Wild Things dug, pulled and heaved to remove the weeds and make way for the rehoming of some plants from the nursery.



21 03, 2019

This week in Reception!

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7 03, 2019

Fringe Festival – The Heats…..

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Year 5 have had an incredible week creating their own acts to perform for the  Fringe Festival. They have explored the art forms of dance, drama, mime and gymnastics. One group choreographed a dance to the sounds of Jimmy Cliff, “You can get it if you really want,”  A song about […]