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6 11, 2020

This Week in Year 2!

By |2020-11-09T08:45:41+00:00November 6th, 2020|Language, Oracy & Literacy Blog, Mathematics, Physical Education, Year 2 2020-21|

We have had a very busy first week back after half term!

We were astonished to come into school on Monday morning and see our Oasis Garden covered in litter! We knew immediately we had to do something so this week we have been writing persuasive letters explaining why people should not litter. We thought of […]

23 10, 2020

This Week in Year 2!

By |2020-10-23T16:56:04+01:00October 23rd, 2020|Physical Education, Year 2 2020-21|

Year 2 have been very busy during our last week of term.

In Literacy we have been finishing our retelling of The Great Fire of London. This was our first big write of Year 2 and we have all done incredibly well so we got a special treat on Friday. We made our very own flat […]