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6 11, 2019

Charcoal and Stone Age Art!

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We had a very unusual art lesson today.  It all started in the wildlife garden with Miss Defty who instructed us on how to make charcoal.  We made a fire underneath the Kelly Kettle and the burnt a load of twigs.  They made fantastic charcoal that we took up to the art room.

Then we mixed […]

17 10, 2019

Little Red Author Visit – Bethan Woollvin

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Today we were very excited to welcome Bethan Woollvin to Heathbrook. After three weeks of studying her traditional tale twist Little Red, we were ecstatic to be able to have Bethan visit us and share her journey into writing and illustration with us. We were very lucky to have workshops, assemblies and a book signing […]

11 10, 2019

Year 3 Talk for Writing performances

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Today was the culmination of our week’s efforts in Literacy. We sequenced the Whole School text ‘Little Red’, before recounting it using a Class Share Write. Throughout the week, we have come up with actions to go with the recount and today performed it in front of the other Year 3 class!

We also drew the […]

10 10, 2019

Shadow Puppets!

By |2019-11-22T14:19:02+00:00October 10th, 2019|Year 3 2019-20|

In Science we have been learning at light. This week we have focused on how shadows are created as well as how different materials (opaque, translucent and transparent) will create different objects. Through our experiment we found that opaque objects (such as card) make the strongest shadows as no light can pass through. We then […]

9 10, 2019

Adding and Subtracting from 3-digit numbers

By |2019-11-22T14:19:03+00:00October 9th, 2019|Year 3 2019-20|

In Maths we have been learning how to add and subtract ones from a 3-digit number when crossing the tens barrier (565 – 7). To help us understand the process of ‘exchanging’ we became hundreds, tens and ones and made a human sized place value grid. We were able to exchange our 10 ones for […]

8 10, 2019

Pumpkins, peppers and squashes

By |2019-11-22T14:19:03+00:00October 8th, 2019|Art, Miscellaneous, Year 3 2019-20|

Year 3 absolutely love their new sketch books and practising new techniques and skills in them.  Today we were learning about still life and different ways to make our drawings look realistic like using different kinds of shading to show light and shadow.  We also learnt how important it was to look and not imagine […]