Last year, the Year 3 children were invited to be a part of Steve McQueen’s ‘Year 3′ project. McQueen chose this particular year group for the project because, he says, it is at seven and eight that children begin to “shed their solipsism and navigate the structures that shape their world.” On Tuesday 21st January, we were lucky enough to visit the exhibition at the Tate Britain, where we discussed our photograph, what it represents to us a class, and to the children as individuals.


My hair has changed. The Year 3 me has long hair, but I cut it all off. Before I looked girly, but now people can’t tell if I am a boy or a girl. I like this because that means they won’t judge me based on whether I am a boy or a girl.

Later on in the morning, we were all given a curated activity pack that allowed the children to interact with the exhibition and think deeply about their photograph in context. The ‘Who Am I?’ activity asked the children to compare their current favourite games, foods and music; their hairstyles, their ambitions and their worries, with those they had chosen in Year 3. ‘Who Are You?’ invited the children to choose a pupil in a photograph at random and think about everything that makes them who they are.

When I look at the photograph, I remember being insecure in Year 3. I think I’ve got over that now.

The children spent the rest of the morning exploring the Tate in groups. The activity booklet gave the children the opportunity to interact with the broader collections of artwork available for public viewing. ‘Talking to Artworks‘ invited children to spend some time with a piece of art and, with a partner, take turns to ask the piece questions, imagining the answers the artwork would give.


Overall, the day was exciting! We got to see our old selves!


We’ll sign off with the overarching theme of the project, and the exhibition, as expressed LOUDLY by the Blackbirds: