This page is intended to keep parents and carers up to date with the challenging and changing situation regarding COVID-19. If you have any questions please email [Please note that weekly Newsletters sent to all parents and carers are available on our Newsletters webpage.]

What parents need to do if anyone at home has Coronavirus symptoms

If anyone at home has Covid-19 symptoms, our local Public Health Teams are asking parents and carers to call 119. Please read this straightforward flowchart to know your responsibilities.

Autumn Term and Summer Break

On Thursday 27th August, Ben Roberts wrote to parents and carers of children starting Years 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 full-time on Thursday 3rd September to explain what school would look like:
Back to School _ Year 1
Back to School _ Year 2
Back to School _ Year 3
Back to School _ Year 4
Back to School _ Year 5
Back to School _ Year 6

To support every child to come back to school full-time in September, Ben Roberts wrote to parents and carers on Thursday 9th July to explain what the Autumn term would look like. He also shared our PTA’s plans for how children and families could connect during the Summer break.

Readmitting every child to Heathbrook by the end of term

Ben Roberts wrote to parents in all remaining year groups on Wednesday 17th June:
Readmitting Pupils in Nursery
Readmitting Pupils in Reception
Readmitting Pupils in Year 1
Readmitting Pupils in Year 2
Readmitting Pupils in Year 3
Readmitting Pupils in Year 4
He also updated parents of children in Year 5 and 6 regarding the:
Part-time Offer for Pupils in Year 5
Part-time Offer for Pupils in Year 6

Previously, in a letter to all parents, Ben Roberts explained our governors’ decision to readmit every pupil this term on Friday 12th June.
Following the government’s decision to drop their plans for children to come back to school, Ben Roberts wrote to parents on Wednesday 10th June about our planning for a ‘flexible’ solution to readmitting more pupils.
Ben Roberts wrote to parents of pupils in Year 5 to explain how they can come back to school from Monday 15th June.
Ben Roberts wrote to parents of pupils in Year 6 to explain how they can come back to school from Monday 8th June.
On Thursday 21st May, via our weekly Newsletter, Ben Roberts wrote to all parents to explain our governors’ decision about a phased return starting on Monday 8th June. He also wrote to all children to help them better understand the situation.

Please read our latest measures and protocols.

The Government’s ‘Plan to Rebuild’
On Tuesday 12th May, Ben Roberts wrote to all parents to explain what the Government’s Recovery Strategy means for us at Heathbrook. The following day parents of children in Nursery, Reception, Year 1 and Year 6 were invited to inform the office about whether they are considering sending in their child(ren) on 1st June.

Free School Meals
Please read these letters explaining the current situation for pupils eligible for Free School Meals:
Free School Meal Vouchers update (sent via text and email on Thursday 9th April)
Receiving and Spending Free School Meal Vouchers during School Closure (sent via text and email on Friday 3rd April)
Free School Meal Hampers and Vouchers during the School Closure (sent via text and email on Wednesday 1st April)

School Closure
An update on the School Closure situation was sent out on Friday 20th March, including letter to the pupils from Ben Roberts.
Please read this letter from Ben Roberts about extended Home Learning sent home, emailed and texted on Wednesday 18th March: Home Learning update letter 18th March 2020
This letter was sent out on Tuesday 17th March: COVID-19 update letter 17 March 2020

Latest Local and National Advice

If you want advice on how to talk to your child about COVID-19, then here is advice about keeping it simple and sticking to the facts.

Social stories are highly recommended for exploring emotionally challenging concepts with children and you can use these helpful examples Social Story; Coronavirus – Staying Safe and Social Story; Pandemics and the Coronavirus

People around the world have found this free e-book to be helpful.

Lambeth Educational Psychology Service has put together some advice and guidance for parents and carers about how to support the wellbeing and learning of their children during the coronavirus outbreak.

The World Health Organisation recommend these strategies for helping children cope with stress during the 2019-nCoV outbreak

Lambeth CAMHS are suggesting these online wellbeing resources to support your child’s wellbeing in the event of a lengthy time away from school: Wellbeing online support services

The Lambeth Parent Forum website is recommended as a good place for parents and carers to access helpful local information.

You can also keep up to date with the latest advice from Public Health England and the NHS guidelines for preventing the spread of all viruses.