Our Community Curriculum

Learning through enquiry and with creativity

At Heathbrook we create a thriving community of life-long learners within an emotionally enabling, creative environment.  Our offer of rich, varied and purposeful experiences enables our children to develop the skills, knowledge and understanding to achieve their dreams and exceed expectations.  Through working in partnership with pupils, parents, carers, governors and local partners, learners are engaged, their imaginations stimulated and individuality cherished.

Please read our Heathbrook Curriculum Map 2020-21. If you would like more information about our Community Curriculum, please email deputy headteacher Marion Guertin: mguertin@heathbrook.org

Curriculum Intent, Implementation and Impact

Find out more about what we want to achieve, how we deliver our curriculum and the outcomes we expect for our pupils by reading our Curriculum Intent, Implementation and Impact.

Be the Best you can Be! Values

At Heathbrook we use these intrinsic values we have developed through the Be the Best you can Be! programme to instil the skills of self-empowerment in order to maximise learning:

  • Respect – which looks like… being thoughtful, having consideration for learning and other learners, being appreciative, trusting yourself and others, showing a love of learning, staying and keeping others safe
  • Readiness – which looks like… being motivated & ready to learn, being curious, setting learning goals, being ready to make mistakes, believing you can achieve, self-managing own learning
  • Responsibility – which looks like… showing self-awareness in learning, having ownership of learning (becoming an independent learner), displaying a sense of agency, working as part of a team
  • Resilience – which looks like… persevering, making mistakes, managing emotions, being in flow, managing distraction, demonstrating a growth mindset (rather than a fixed one)
  • Resourcefulness – which looks like… making connections, learning creatively, imagining, being flexible, questioning, using thinking skills, applying what has been learned, magpie-ing (using someone else’s ideas)
  • Reflectiveness – which looks like… having a positive attitude to learning, monitoring learning, evaluate learning, using meta-cognition skills, planning for learning.

Begin with the Child

In order to best meet the needs of each child, the planning and reviewing of curriculum content begins with the child.

Begin with the child - concentric circles

Domain Teams

As collaboration and teamwork lie at the heart of how we learn most effectively, all teaching staff are members of a Domain Team which combine curriculum subjects.

Our Domains are:

  • Art and Creativity (involving Art, Design & Technology, Drama and Music)
  • Language, Oracy and Literacy (involving Literacy and Modern Foreign Languages – Spanish)
  • Mathematics
  • Physical and Emotional Health (involving Personal Social & Health Education and Physical Education)
  • Place and Time (involving Geography, History and Religious Education)
  • Science and Computing (involving Outdoor Learning

Children’s Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural development is embedded in our daily teaching and British Values (democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty, and mutual respect & tolerance) are promoted at every opportunity.

Our Four Pillars (Arts, Music, Outdoor Learning and Sport)

We are passionate about what we think is right for pupils at our school and seek to develop a love of learning in its widest sense.  Through providing exceptionally varied opportunities and experiences in the school and further afield we enable pupils to understand, communicate with and respond to the world.

Our progressive outdoor learning curriculum, Natural Thinkers, takes place in our exceptional and extensive gardens and gives all pupils a deep first-hand connection with nature. Read more about our Outdoor Learning provision…

Our creative curriculum offers pupils the opportunity to enquire and develop their own thinking.  The Art Studio gives pupils the opportunity to design and invent. Dance and drama performances are presented for the wider community. Partnership (as an Associate School) with London’s Southbank Centre provides unlimited and unrivalled opportunities for pupils to experience first-hand, creativity at the centre of the country’s capital city.  A recent inspector from Artsmark (a national organisation judging arts provision in schools) said, “I’ve been to lots of schools and never seen the depth and commitment to arts provision I’ve seen here.”  Read more about our Arts provision…

Music is vital for the spiritual development of pupils. Pupils sing, compose and play to a high standard throughout the school.  The school orchestra is well established and thriving, representing strings, woodwind and brass instruments. The school choirs perform for the local community. Read more about our Music provision…

All our pupils represent the school in sporting events – locally and nationally, enhancing their physical and emotional well-being.  Lacrosse is a featured sport in our school with our Lacrosse Team coming second in the National Finals.

Knowing each child and having strong relationships with our families lie at the heart of everything we do.

Core Skills

Our Curriculum Team have identified five core skills for learners.

Core skills

Learning Agreement

The following responsibilities have been recognised by children, parents, governors and staff in our Learning Agreement which is signed by each child, a parent/carer and their classteacher each September: