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Ongoing Home Learning

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Hi Everyone,

Music is a good way to keep yourselves motivated and keep your spirits up! Remember, you can play, listen or make music AND have fun with it!! If you’re interested, I will be setting some general activities for you to complete over the next few weeks from Early Years to Year 6, so make sure you check the music blog when you can!

  • WEEKLY SINGING ASSEMBLY every Tuesday (scroll down to find the latest Wk 11- Singing Assembly- w/c 06.07)
  • WEEKLY MUSIC ACTIVITY (scroll down and look for Wk 11 – Music Activity – w/c 06.07)
  • WHAT HAVE YOU BEEN UP TO? (scroll down to see pics, vids and clips, under What Have You Been Up To?


  • *NEW* Practise your instruments for at least 10 mins a day. Use the Practice Record (2) to see if Practise Makes Awesome!
  • *NEW* Recorder Karate Belts – If you would like to try and earn a belt, send me a recording, if possible! You can click here to play with the backing tracks. There is a recorder playing to help you play in time. Good luck!
  • – have a ‘Sing at Home’ section with lots of familiar songs from Baby Beluga to Can’t stop the feeling. Check it out!!
  • *NEW* BBC Bring the noise (early years)

MAKE some music online

  • fun2thinkonline music making (Incredibox)
  • Soundtrap – ( / password Heathbrook1)
  • Chrome music lab– (lots of fun music making activities)


  • Listen to your favourite songs and find some new favourites. Ask your family what they like listening to.
  • Log onto BBC Ten pieces where you can listen to some classical music and join in with some activities and videos.

I would love to see/hear what you have been getting up to, whether it’s completing the activities, practising your instruments, singing songs or sharing music you have created digitally. *NEW* Check the blog, ‘What Have You Been Up To? Send videos and pics to:

Keep practising as PRACTICE MAKES AWESOME!

Look forward to hearing from you soon, Mrs Bale

Music at Heathbrook

We believe each child deserves a musical education so that talent is nurtured and aptitude developed. We continue to place great importance on music in the curriculum and see it as a creative and social art to be enjoyed. We know music education brings a multitude of disciplines to children’s learning including listening, counting, co-ordination, co-operation and confidence. In our teaching of music we promote and value enrichment and equal opportunities for all our pupils.

Our specialist music teacher works with every class each week in a spacious and well-resourced music room. Children are taught to sing and perform a wide repertoire of songs from Nursery onwards. They learn to compose and play on tuned and untuned instruments and have the opportunity to learn the violin, clarinet, flute, guitar, djembe, ukulele and recorder as well as be part of our orchestra. We also have a choir.

Instrumentalists take the opportunity to practise at lunchtime and all are encouraged to perform. Our annual musical event, held at the Omnibus Theatre, showcases our orchestra, bands, choir and soloists. Other musical partnerships include the Southbank (we are an Associate School), the Lambeth Music Service and one of the school councillors’ chosen charities Spare Tyre.

Recent Music News

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