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This Week’s Learning

Week commencing Monday 23rd September

We have had a very busy week in nursery. We have begun our story ‘The Naughty Bus’ and the children have been painting London buses, singing songs and sharing their experiences of buses. The children also did a shared paint and create experience and we made a huge red London bus from a cardboard box! 

To support our learning of the Naughty Bus story  you can still share a photo of your child on the bus/at the bus stop/playing with toy buses etc. on our email. The children have loved seeing their photos on buses displayed, have a look when you come into the classroom. 

During our maths inputs, we have been counting children on and off a bus and having a go at writing the numbers. We also made a pictograph of 3 different colours and looked at the longest and shortest lines, as well as counting. 

We made pizza using the fresh tomatoes from the garden, and the children were learning to use a knife safely to cut the tomatoes in half. The pizza’s were delicious! 

The children also created a  ‘show’ and with help, developed a storyline and used the costumes and props to support. 

This week we will be learning about 4 feelings, happy, sad, silly and angry. We will link this to our Zones of Regulation colours and use circle time and puppets to help the children understand other children’s feelings too. We will be looking at shapes all around us as well as playing sound bingo!

Finally, thank you for the great turnout to our curriculum meetings!

Key dates for your diary:

Monday October 7th – Join us in nursery for 30mins to read a story with your child. Bring a book from home or use one from our nursery library.


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This Half Term’s Learning

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