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This Week’s Learning

Week commencing Monday 30th March

A focus for the week

In addition to the large amount of information classteachers have shared with you below (in the ‘Ongoing Home Learning’ opportunities section), here are a few things that you can focus on this week. [This is intended to help you make Home Learning more manageable for the next few weeks; we are also considering other ways we can support you with Home Learning over the whole summer term.]

Focus: Exploring Spring

  • now that the sun is shining and Spring has sprung, use your daily exercise time outside to explore ‘new life’
  • plants and animals will be bursting with growth and activity, so be scientific investigators
  • first use whatever you find outside to do some art (draw, paint, use recyclable materials and whatever you have at home)
  • then do some research using books, the internet, asking someone on the phone
  • after that you are ready to record your thinking – make a book, create a poster, write an imaginative story
  • when you have finished, share your learning with someone (you might want to decide who this will be earlier in the process to have more of a purpose).

Ongoing Home Learning

Hello everyone. We hope you are all adapting to life away from school. We all miss you very much and hope you are managing to keep spirits high. 

So we have put together a list of focus activities for this week’s learning. Try and do as many as you can, but do remember what Mr Roberts said in the latest newsletter, be kind to yourself! 

Songs to learn

Chick, Chick, Chick, Chick, Chicken
Chick, chick, chick, chick, chicken,
Lay a little egg for me.
Chick, chick, chick, chick, chicken,
I want one for my tea.
I haven’t had an egg since breakfast,
And now it’s half past three.
So, chick, chick, chick, chicken,
Lay a little egg for me
(We were learning this song for our spring bonnet parade so the children will hopefully be able to teach you the song AND the actions)

Five Currant Buns
5 currant buns in a bakers shop,
Big and round with a cherry on the top.
Along came (insert child’s name),
With a penny one day.
He/she bought a currant bun and took it right away.
4 currant buns in a bakers shop…

Creative ideas

  • Observational drawing/painting of flowers.
  • Make your spring bonnet. Use some card or paper and decorate your bonnet however you want. Then you could have a parade for your family and sing your songs.
  • Junk modelling.
  • Make some music
  • Make a ”rainbow” book and write about spring/animals etc. (paper folded in half and stuck together)

New beginnings and Spring: you could…

  • Talk about all the changes we can see around us. You could remind the children of winter where it was cold, the days were shorter and darker and all the leaves had gone from the trees. What has changed now that it’s spring? Don’t worry if they can’t answer this. You can discuss the leaves growing back on the trees, we will start to see lots more bees and insects again, flowers like daffodils have started to bloom showing off their lovely yellow petals. The days have also gotten longer which means it is lighter early in the morning when we wake up and still lighter in the evening.

  • You could also talk about if they have changed since winter. ‘Have we got taller? Older? Can we do any new things?’
  • Talk about all the new life around us. In the nursery we had baby chicks hatching and we can see the leaves growing back on the trees. We also saw the frogs in our pond had started to lay their frogs spawn. This happens in spring time. A lot of animals have their babies in spring such as sheep have their lambs. Talk about baby animals. Baby animals have special names such as a baby cat is a kitten. See how many baby animal names you can learn.

Phonics phase 1

  • To link with animals and new beginnings play ‘can you recognise the animal sounds?’. Play (or make) different farm yard animal sounds to your child and ask them to tell you what animal it is. To build on learning baby animals names, ask them if they know what the baby animals are called. E.g. OINK, pig, piglet.
  • Play this game   
  • Practice writing name

Books and stories


  • Exploring the fourness of four!
  • This week it’s everything four. Introduce four to your children. You could watch the number blocks number 4 video as this is a good reference point for them.
  • Now time to introduce four. You could use teddy’s or dinner plates or socks. Pretend like you don’t know how many items you have. Can you count together to work it out? How could we show 4 on our fingers? Let’s check, count your fingers again. Is there four of anything else at home? Can they find four…? Can they count out four toys or four leaves? Put the objects in different patterns of 4 e.g. 3 on one side and 1 on the other. Is it still 4? Play dice games. 
  • Always be on a look out for four. How many different places can they find it through the week?


Thanks everyone!

The Nursery Team

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