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Reading and Writing

Reading and writing are key skills that underpin all areas of our curriculum. Please read the attached for more details:

At Heathbrook, we use Letters and Sounds to help us to teach phonics in conjunction with Thrass and Jolly Phonics.

Reading and writing is underpinned by a whole school commitment to oracy. We have worked closely with the Communication Trust to further enhance staff skills and communication-friendly learning environments. To further support children with speech and language difficulties we buy in a Speech and Language Therapist.

Recent Reading and Writing News

Year 5 Researchers

Year 5 have demonstrated their skills in research as they worked in groups to find out information about the buildings and history of London.   They have shared some fascinating facts already ...   Did [...]

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Way Home Performance

Today lots of the year 5 children performed an excerpt from our literacy text- The Way Home.  The children interpreted their piece in many different ways focusing on intonation, sound effects, drama and music. They [...]

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The Way Home

Today in Literacy the children worked in groups to perform a section of the book we are reading—Way Home. They considered the authors use of short sentences, long sentences, vocabulary, punctuation and grammar and how [...]

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Reception this week!


BREAKING NEWS FROM OUR GUIDED READING GROUP!   Our latest reading of Varjak Paw has informed us that mysterious 'vanishings' are occurring all over the city. Cats are repeatedly going missing without a trace.   More information [...]

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Phonics Meeting

Thank you for attending the curriculum meeting this week on the phonics screening check. As we said in the meeting we want this to be as stress free for the children as possible! You can [...]

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