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Week commencing Monday 23rd September 

Welcome to Reception!

The children have really enjoyed meeting all of their new friends, and learning all about our their school. We have started learning about the Zones of Regulation, and we are getting very good at telling each other and our teachers what zone we are in when we are having a great time (but also occasionally, when we miss our mummies and daddies too!)

In Phonics, we have started playing some games to help us all recognise the different sounds – We really loved the sound lotto, listening very carefully to different sounds that we hear about the house and on the streets, and guessing the sounds correctly. We also loved our Sound Walk in Heathbrook Park on Friday! We could hear everything from lots of children screaming, to airplanes and squirrels scurrying on the grass.

In Maths, we have been playing counting games, to help us with our numbers as well as our attention. We have to make sure we are listening to our friends, otherwise we won’t know what number we are!

We really enjoyed PE this week as well. Mr Gibbs played some running, jumping and hopping games with us, and we were really good at matching the coloured cones to the coloured hoops. We really can’t wait for our next PE sessions!

This week was our first time in the Wild Life Garden as Reception! We absolutely loved it. We explored the variety of plants growing wild, as well as observed the flowers and leaves, seeing how their colours are slowly changing and moving away from green. We also found lots of minibeasts, but they were all hiding, so we had to be very quiet and gentle.

Next week, we will be using our bodies to count – with claps, musical instruments and conkers. This way, we will know we don’t just count with numbers. We will also be working on our rhythm and rhyme, recognising patterns in song as well as starting a rhyming challenge. Looking forward to it!

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