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This Week’s Learning

Week commencing Monday 30th March

A focus for the week

In addition to the large amount of information classteachers have shared with you below (in the ‘Ongoing Home Learning’ opportunities section), here are a few things that you can focus on this week. [This is intended to help you make Home Learning more manageable for the next few weeks; we are also considering other ways we can support you with Home Learning over the whole summer term.]

Focus: Exploring Spring

  • now that the sun is shining and Spring has sprung, use your daily exercise time outside to explore ‘new life’
  • plants and animals will be bursting with growth and activity, so be scientific investigators
  • first use whatever you find outside to do some art (draw, paint, use recyclable materials and whatever you have at home)
  • then do some research using books, the internet, asking someone on the phone
  • after that you are ready to record your thinking – make a book, create a poster, write an imaginative story
  • when you have finished, share your learning with someone (you might want to decide who this will be earlier in the process to have more of a purpose).

Ongoing Home Learning


Online resources

  • Reading Eggs
  • Jolly Phonics sounds:

  • Alphablocks:

  • Phonics play- lots of free resources (Favourites: Buried treasure; Obb and Bob):

  • Learn to read

  • Reading with authors (Live readings: Starting Monday 23rd March @ 6PM, everyday) (Live readings: Starting Monday 23rd March @ 7PM, everyday)


  • Bean bag toss – Can you toss the beanbag on a sound? What sound is it? Can you think of a word with this sound? (This can be used as a game for keywords as well)
  • Guess the object – Have objects with specific sound in an opaque bag. Can you guess the object with these clues?
  • Phonics bingo – Can you read this word? Do you have it on your bingo board? Get 4 in a row to win.

Arts & Crafts

  • Play-Do letters – Can you make this sound using play-do?
  • Sound tree – Can you make a tree? Instead of apples on the tree, can you write words with this sound in it?


  • Writing a letter/postcard to a friend
  • Making your own story books


Online resources

  • Mathletics
  • Recognising numbers and finding one more/ one less:

  • Numberblocks:

  • Numberjacks:

  • Problem solving games


  • Roll a dice- who has more/ who has less? Can you add them together? 
  • Guess the object – Have objects with numbers on them/shapes in an opaque bag. Can you guess the number/shape?
  • Spot the difference activities
  • Puzzles

Arts & Crafts

  • Block printing, cityscape/ landscape, with shapes (2D and 3D)
  • Symmetry arts & crafts – Make a butterfly/ fly/ flower etc
  • Building 2D and 3D shapes with popsicle sticks and play-do
  • Heart number puzzles – Half of the heart has a number, the other half has the same number but in pictures (i.e. dots, flowers etc)


As we are moving into Spring, we would like to suggest a creative project that you and your child can work on at home together.

Topic: Pea Shoots in Spring

We will provide the pea shoot kit for you, which will include:

  • Seeds

As for the plant pot, we encourage you to get creative with it – Egg shells, yoghurt pots, salad bowls etc. One tip on the plant pot: The base of the pot will need a few holes for the plant to get ample oxygen as well as not sit in stale water from watering your bean!

You will also be provided with a ‘Pea shoot Diary’, so you and your child can observe the pea shoot over time, drawing it from the start to the finish, as well as measuring it’s growth and writing sentences about them.

We will provide you with a template for everyday use – All you need to do is print it and get it started!

Other great resources

Singing walrus: lots of great educational songs


Art for Kids Hub

Classroom Secrets

Science for families


We know you won’t want them to be glued to screens, so these are just a few ideas but we really encourage you to play with them, using lots of maths language and story language as you do. Read them stories, encourage them to come up their own stories which they could act out or write down. Lots of creative activities, games and puzzles. 

Any questions, feel free to ask!

Miss Cuvelier –

Miss Hallstrom – 

This Half Term’s Learning

Reception Spring 2020 Second Half Term Information

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