Reception Updates

//Reception Updates


This Week’s Learning

Week commencing Monday 20th May

This week we have continued to learn about minibeasts. We have gone on bug hunts in the wildlife garden and reception garden and investigated what the bugs are and looked at how many legs they have. We have been finding out facts about ladybirds. We learnt that ladybirds are bright colours to tell their prey that they don’t taste nice. The children did some lovely writing about these facts. They have also made their own ladybirds using paper plates. In maths we have carried on doubling using ladybird and their spots and writing the number sentences.

This week in maths we will be looking at one more and one less. In phonics Miss Hallstrom’s group are learning new sounds ‘ie’ (pie) and ‘oy’ (boy). Miss Gerhard’s group are focusing on ‘ur’ (church) and ‘ow’ (cow). Mrs Mara is working on initial sounds and using these sounds to read and write words.


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This Half Term’s Learning

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