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Year 1

This Week’s Learning

Week commencing Monday 30th March

A focus for the week

In addition to the large amount of information classteachers have shared with you below (in the ‘Ongoing Home Learning’ opportunities section), here are a few things that you can focus on this week. [This is intended to help you make Home Learning more manageable for the next few weeks; we are also considering other ways we can support you with Home Learning over the whole summer term.]

Focus: Exploring Spring

  • now that the sun is shining and Spring has sprung, use your daily exercise time outside to explore ‘new life’
  • plants and animals will be bursting with growth and activity, so be scientific investigators
  • first use whatever you find outside to do some art (draw, paint, use recyclable materials and whatever you have at home)
  • then do some research using books, the internet, asking someone on the phone
  • after that you are ready to record your thinking – make a book, create a poster, write an imaginative story
  • when you have finished, share your learning with someone (you might want to decide who this will be earlier in the process to have more of a purpose).

Ongoing Home Learning

As schools have now closed the Year 1 team have put some ideas for adults to continue to support learning at home, these include links to websites with free educational resources as well as learning away from the screen. We appreciate that you may also be working from home and that balancing work and your child’s school commitments may be challenging, but we are here to help. We will try to update this page with any new links or resources we find, so please check in every so often!

Any questions about the information we have provided please contact Miss Warren via who will try and support you further. 

*NEW* – ‘Drop in Library’. Each day we are putting out a new box of books outside the front entrance of schools. These are for you to come collect and borrow as you wish. Please be sure to return these to the separate returned box once finished so that other children can borrow and read also. Once returned we will be wiping down all books!


At Heathbrook we follow the Letters and sounds programme for phonics and in Year 1 we start the day learning a new way of writing or reading a sound so let’s try and do this at home too!

Most of the children are now on ‘phase 5’ phonics, this is where we look at alternate ways of writing sounds (referred to as the grapheme). For example, the sound ‘air’ e.g. in ‘h-air’, can also be written as ‘are’ – ‘b-are’ as well as ‘ere’ in ‘wh-ere’ and ‘ear’ in ‘p-ear’.  We also learn new ways of reading a sound (referred to as a phoneme). For example ‘ear’ – ‘h-ear’ can also be read as ‘ear’ – ‘b-ear’. 

Choose your sound

  • Can you think of any words with the sound in it?
  • Practise reading some words with the sound in.
  • Can you now write those words?
  • Can you put them into a sentence?

Phonics play – website with free phonics games – focus on phase 3 and 5 sounds 

Twinkl – has phonics resources (as well as all other subjects) and is offering 1 month free trial 

When reading words we encourage children to ‘segment’ words and ‘blend’ together here are some videos that are hopefully useful in explaining what we mean.

And please keep reading, at least 10 minutes a day. Re-read your books to develop fluency and expression. Keep writing in your reading journals too 🙂

Oxford Owl website has many free e-books to read online and they have many videos of live storytelling for children to watch and listen to as well. 

Reading eggs children’s logins at the back of reading journal 

Audible Stories are offering free audiobooks for children while schools are closed 


Mathletics  logins also in back of reading journals 

Top marks has free maths games broken down by age group 

NRICH more options for maths activities and games

Classroom secrets is another resource that have created home learning packs to download which covers other subject areas as well 


Keep active and start the day with PE with Joe every weekday at 9am on YouTube, PE for all ages!

Cosmic Kids Yoga, we love using these videos in class

Yoga with Adriene is another option for yoga

If you can get outside, get daily fresh air, run around. 

Make up dance routines – try using some of the styles from PE last term e.g. robot/machine dancing 

TTS group have developed free home learning packs for KS1, these have lots of ideas of learning across subjects which can be done at home 

Home sensory/play ideas away from the screen from chatterpack

Look at nature and the changes of spring – perhaps you could record these in a diary. 

Sing songs together, listen to a variety of music from around the world and watch video clips or download songs from a Musical, e.g. The Lion King, Matilda etc. 

Get creative and build something using your recycling at home 

Scratch Jr continue your learning of how to programme from our trip to the CLC by downloading this free app onto any tablet is free to create an account for more ideas for creative play 

Explore the world of visual art at 

Headspace are providing a free trial period to explore the guided meditations for children 

In these uncertain times your children may be feeling a little bit anxious about the changes they have been experiencing. To support your child try and use this time to have fun, make memories and engage with different experiences. Try and find a moment of joy and gratitude each day and look for the beauty in small moments.

The year 1 team would like to thank you for the changes that you have made to continue supporting your child’s education at home. We wish you all health and happiness and we look forward to seeing you again soon.

Year 1 

This Half Term’s Learning

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