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Week commencing Monday 13th July

This is the sixth week of our seven week second half of the summer term.

On this page teaching staff are providing a range of different learning opportunities for you to use at home. We are very aware that families will be in very different situations, so please use what works for you.

This Week’s Focus

Following your feedback, each week we are providing a whole school ‘theme’ for all ages to explore. The themes aim to offer a variety of activities that you can use at home together. This week’s theme continues to be ‘Black Lives Matter‘ (with additional resources added) and you can still access the activities for:

– ‘supporting our friendships‘ (week commencing 8th June)
– ‘being good to our bodies‘ (week commencing 1st June)
– ‘learning about what makes me happy‘ (week commencing 18th May)
– ‘continuing to show resourcefulness‘ (week commencing 11th May)
– ‘developing resilience with kindness‘ (week commencing 4th May)
– ‘growing at home‘ (week commencing 27th April) and
– ‘recognising emotions and managing feelings‘ (week commencing 20th April).

This Week’s Learning

Literacy(follow this link a separate document)
Maths (follow this link a separate document)
Science(follow this link a separate document)
Art (follow this link to our arts webpage)
Music (follow this link to our music webpage)

Note that you can still access previous week’s learning for weeks commencing Monday 6th, Monday 29th, Monday 22nd, Monday 15th, Monday 8th, Monday 1st June, Monday 18th May, Monday 11th May, Monday 4th May, Monday 27th April and Monday 20th April.]

Ongoing Home Learning

We have gathered a wide range of additional ongoing suggestions for children in Year 2 which could be helpful whenever you might want to use them.

Contacting Us

Please remember that you can continue to email us using the email addresses below. Thank you to everyone who has been able to send us photos of what you are up to at home; please keep doing this and we will keep sharing them!

All the best from the Year 2 Team,

Louise Stafford
Sitara Babul

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