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Year 3

This Week’s Learning

Week commencing Monday 21st September

Welcome to Year 3! We have loved and enjoyed working with the children over the past week.

Literacy – Students have continued exploring the whole school text this week. They completed a water colour painting in the style of the books illustrations. These are proudly displayed in our classrooms. This coming week, we begin our next text ‘Moon Man’.

Maths – Students will continue to focus on place value to build their confidence before moving on to addition and subtraction.

Science – Students enjoyed making a tomato salad this week and recorded the process in their science books. We will continue to explore flowers and plant life this week.

Topic – Due to the beautiful bloom of tomatoes in the garden, students enjoyed double science this week. As a result, students will be engaged in a double history lesson this coming week based on our Loving London topic.

PE – Students have indoor gymnastics with an instructor on Friday afternoons; please ensure your child has an appropriate PE kit.

Ongoing learning – Please ensure your child is completing their Mathletics and Reading Eggs each week as well as reading for 20 minutes daily. Please encourage your child to remember to bring in their reading books each day. If in Chaffinches, their books will be changed on Monday’s and for Skylarks on Thursday’s.

If you have any questions or queries email us on:

Half Termly Information

Year 3 Autumn 2020 First Half Term Video (email your classteacher for a reminder of the password)
Year 3 Autumn 2020 First Half Term Information Leaflet

Summer 2020 Lockdown Home Learning

Year 3 Summer 2020 Lockdown Home Learning

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