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Year 4

This Week’s Learning

Week commencing Monday 30th March

A focus for the week

In addition to the large amount of information classteachers have shared with you below (in the ‘Ongoing Home Learning’ opportunities section), here are a few things that you can focus on this week. [This is intended to help you make Home Learning more manageable for the next few weeks; we are also considering other ways we can support you with Home Learning over the whole summer term.]

Focus: Exploring Spring

  • now that the sun is shining and Spring has sprung, use your daily exercise time outside to explore ‘new life’
  • plants and animals will be bursting with growth and activity, so be scientific investigators
  • first use whatever you find outside to do some art (draw, paint, use recyclable materials and whatever you have at home)
  • then do some research using books, the internet, asking someone on the phone
  • after that you are ready to record your thinking – make a book, create a poster, write an imaginative story
  • when you have finished, share your learning with someone (you might want to decide who this will be earlier in the process to have more of a purpose).

Ongoing Home Learning

Dear Parents/Carers/Year 4’s,

Please find links below to support your Year 4 learning journey at home, as well as a timetable to follow.
Mathletics and Reading Eggspress homework tasks have been set for the week (Area and Spelling).
Remember to login to Times Tables Rock Stars everyday for 3 minutes!

I will be updating this page frequently. Please check back regularly.

Daily timetable
A timetable that you can use at home.


Core subjects; Classroom Secrets.
Learning resources designed by teachers for teachers. Find out more here.

  1. Classroom Secrets have a brand new Classroom Secrets Kids website that can be used (for free) by children independently and interactively! Click here.
  2. There is also a specially curated home learning pack for all year groups, which include maths, reading, and SPAG activities as well as a guidance letter for adults at home. Click here.

Core and Foundation subjects; Twinkl.
‘Teacher-created’ learning resources. Find out more here.

  1. An interactive learning link pack for year 4 can be found, with links to activities covering most areas of the curriculum. Click here.
  2. Free Year 4 learning resource packs by Twinkl can also be downloaded. Click here.

Reading, spelling, and grammar support.

  1. The International Children’s Digital Library has free digital books to read by age, by interest, by language, etc. Click here.
  2. World Book Day has a brilliant ‘stay at home’ book ideas hub. Lots of free, fun activities and resources for sharing stories, reading stories, writing, drawing, streaming audiobooks, and watching author masterclasses. Click here.
  3. BBC Bitesize KS2 Literacy and Language hub. Free animations and quizzes to support KS2 grammar and spelling. Click here.
  4. All of the Year 4 statutory spellings. Click here.
  5. CLPE’s Poetryline has an amazing library of performances by award-winning children’s poets. Browse, choose, and share your favourite. Click here.
  6. Puffin Books has a spring activity pack where you can learn to write like a Victorian, design your own book covers, and do wordsearch puzzles. Click here.

Amazon Audible is now free for children. No login required. Click here

Resources to support maths mastery.

  1. White Rose Maths is informed by leading maths researchers and practitioners. They have put together home learning packs by year group, which can be accessed for free. Click here.
  2. Developed by University of Cambridge, NRICH Maths has free online resources for maths problem solving. Click here.

Resources to support science learning.

  1. A primary activity pack put together for British Science Association, which can be adapted for home learning. Click here.
  2. Year 4 have been investigating sound. The British Science Association has a free ‘Sounds like Science’ activity pack available. Click here.
  3. Free coding activities for kids with Blockly. Click here.
  4. The Science Museum ‘Kitchen Science’ pack has lots of fun investigations requiring household objects. Click here.
  5. We can use our observational skills to do this Great Object Hunt at home. From the Science Museum. Click here.
  6. Ten brilliant, easy to resource activities to explore the science all around us. Click here.

Some resources for practicing Spanish, your own language or any other.

  1. Linguascope is a fun tool all of us are familiar with. Practice a language and apply it to fun activities (login: heathbrook, password: London4101). Click here.
  2. Duolingo is available online and as an app for free language learning. Practice a little everyday! Click here.

Be inspired and create.

  1. Tate Kids has brilliant activity ideas, as well as art history learning available for free. Click here.

Mental and physical health
Staying healthy and happy above all else.

  1. Stop, Breathe & Think provides a few minutes of daily calm. Click here.
  2. Dance, movement and coordination breaks with GoNoodle. Click here.
  3. Children’s workouts to do at home by fitness influencer The Body Coach. Click here.

Whether you want to play, practice, or listen.

  1. Miss Bale has put together lots of ways to get musical at home. She has included a login to Soundtrap, practice tips and songwriting ideas. Click here.

Different resources I have compiled to keep us all entertained, thinking, and learning.

  1. The Kid Should See This is a free collection of child-friendly curated videos for teachers, parents and carers who want to share smarter, more meaningful media. You can browse by topic or interest. Click here.
  2. A digital time machine created by the MET museum. You can browse by continent, era of history and subject. Click here.
  3. ‘Pencil and paper’ word and number games, like Consequences or 24.
  4. Full Time Kid on YouTube has brain games and fun, educational activities. Click here.
  5. Rebel Girls have created a beautifully illustrated ‘Journal to start a Revolution’, where you can make note of everyday things that make you unique and special, like ‘Weird Things I Know’, ‘Fears I Have’, ‘Fears I Don’t Have’, ‘Animals Who Really Get Me’, ‘Words I Love’, ‘Things My Friends Are Good At’. Click here.

Listening ears.

  1. ‘But Why?’ answers big questions sent in by children, like ‘Why do people have nightmares?’, ‘Do animals get married?’, and ‘Why are some words ‘bad’?’ Can be listened to online, Apple Podcasts, Google Play, and Spotify. Click here.
  2. Tumble‘ is a scientific discovery podcast for children to be enjoyed by the whole family. Click here.
  3. Flyest Fables‘ brings you anthology style and critically acclaimed hopepunk fables for the 21st century. Click here.
  4. Rebel Girls‘ the podcast. Each episode tells the story of inspiring women. Click here.

I will continue to update this list.
-Miss Oz


This Half Term’s Learning

Year 4 Spring 2020 Second Half Term Information

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