Hello everybody!

I hope you are all very, very well.  I love getting pictures from you,  it’s so exciting to see how you interpret the activities on the blog.  Have confidence in your own abilities,  the Australian artist Ken Done says “there are no rules in art, but it’s important to learn how to draw.”  What a great guiding sentence to have and this week we will do some drawing.


Check out the link above and explore the art work of Jon Burgerman.  It’s very silly and lots of fun and we can use his style to create our own cartoon characters.  Max in year 4 is a big fan (in fact Max’s Jon inspired doodles appear on the year 4 blog).  These doodles are so simple and inspired by everyday things and a big imagination.  There are no limits to the way Jon creates his doodles and no rules either.

The food you eat is a good place to start with this style of doodle.  Can you create a Pizza character, a cupcake creation, a doughnut diva or an ice-cream with attitude?

What is your favourite animal or toy?  Can you sketch them into a cartoon doodle, adding different things like wings, claws and fangs?

Or you can go further and venture into space,  try making an alien character,  a mad martian, or a lunar being? Why not design your own amazing  rocket ship?

This activity is suitable for all ages to do and you can make one or make a whole work of art features a big cast of characters like Max did.  You could write your own cartoon strip or make a big poster.

An easy way to start is to fold a piece of paper into 6 and draw a different doodle in each rectangle.

You may know his work from the publicity for the Imagine Festival.



You can create a character by simply folding some paper, drawing half a shape and then cutting out.

I made this character into someone I would like to have around the house. Cooking and cleaning takes forever these days!



Younger children can  draw around a big circle and create their own Mr Man or Lady.










I’m looking forward to seeing what inspires you to make your doodles.