We are delighted to announce that our first ever Heathbrook Fringe Festival was a huge success.

Year 3/4 wrote reviews after the show which I think say it all! Through our performances, we have learnt skills that are truly invaluable.

A huge thank you to everyone for such amazing efforts in what has been a fantastic week!

“The show was GREAT. My favourite act was Max in Year 6 because he was so brave.” Matai

“I learnt to be brave.” Kiellia

“I learnt how to not be shy.” Emma

“Max, Michael and Ameen because they were fun and they made it so we could understand what they were doing.” Lara

“I would show my friend this show because if they are looking for a school they will choose this school.” Noah

“I have learnt that if you try you will discover a talent you never knew you had!” Jayden

“It was fun to watch everybody perform on a big stage.” Yasser

“I learnt not to be afraid.” Eva