Today in the garden, the Wild Things were planting in preparation for next year.  Turnips and spinach were carefully planted and given some extra nourishment in the form of their compost and extraordinary fertiliser.  The Wild Things are expecting some superb produce in 2019.


Let’s give these leaves a helping hand (or foot!)

A little production line moving the strawberry plants.

Look at the colour of the fertiliser, so full of nutrients.  We found out it contains N- nitrogen, P – phosphorous and K – potassium.  That might explain the slightly unsavoury smell!

Back and forwards with the wheelbarrow to collect and compost the leaves.  There is a never ending supply at the moment.

Follow the yellow hose………. ah, it’s in the water butt.

Anyone fancy a hot chocolate after all that ?

Yes please!

Thank you to the wonderful Wild Things for their care of our garden and for each other.