In our half-termly year group leaflets we are extremely clear that, when school is open to everyone, we provide home learning to develop children’s independence and confidence. It needs to consolidate what is being taught in school and prepare them for future learning. We also recognise that children and families have differing circumstances and we therefore aim to make our home learning appropriate and accessible for all pupils.


Digital Access

Parents and staff are working together to support all our families with access to online learning opportunities. In partnership with local initiative Power to Connect Campaign we are able to supply reconditioned laptops and tablets to our families. Please contact the office or your child’s classteacher if you think your child’s learning would benefit from this helpful offer.


Loom videos

The core online provision will be Loom videos uploaded onto the This Week’s Learning section of each year group’s Class Update page of our website before 9am each school day. Loom has the advantages of allowing the learner to see their teacher as new knowledge and skills are explained on the screen. Maths booklets for years 1 to 6 have been given out for use in conjunction with maths Loom videos. We are grateful for the incredibly positive feedback we have already had from parents and carers.


Offline learning

Printed out or photocopied work is available from our office for children who face challenges accessing online resources. This is created in liaison with classteachers.


Mathletics and Reading Eggs (including Fast Phonics)

Each pupil from Reception upwards has a personal login to these online learning platforms. On our website you will find our clear and strong rationales for choosing Mathletics, Reading Eggs and Fast Phonics.


Regular contact with teachers

Each child’s classteacher will attempt to make contact at least once a week to provide individual learning support. We ask parents and carers to use speakerphones, so you can hear advice and be part of the conversation as necessary. Pupils with identified educational needs will receive additional support from members of staff, including longer phone calls.



In addition to the daily Loom video learning opportunities, we will collate a strong bank of resources on our Reading and Writing webpage. As in the previous lockdown, these are available as recommendations of further learning opportunities for parents and carers. Teaching staff may direct you here for specific resources.



Similarly, as well as our daily Loom videos, we will create a bank of maths activities, challenges, games etc. on our Maths webpage.

Other curriculum areas

At Heathbrook we cherish our broad and stimulating curriculum offer, so staff will also be providing regular Loom videos for Art, Music and Sport. Please share our recommended range of outdoor learning activities with your child.


Childcare Bubbles

You may not be aware that, unlike back in the Spring, the government is allowing you to join with another family to make a ‘Childcare Bubblethis lockdown. Lots of our families have found this to be incredibly helpful for learning and family well-being.


Be good to yourselves and play games!

Please remember what we said back at the start of the initial lockdown about taking care of yourselves: play together and find time to listen to your child. Board and card games are a fantastic and fun way to develop a range of academic, social and emotional skills.

If you are finding managing the routines of home learning difficult these resources might help:

Latest Local and National Advice

If you want advice on how to talk to your child about COVID-19, then here is advice about keeping it simple and sticking to the facts.

Social stories are highly recommended for exploring emotionally challenging concepts with children and you can use these helpful examples:

People all around the world have found this free e-book to be helpful.

Lambeth Educational Psychology Service has put together some advice and guidance for parents and carers about how to support the wellbeing and learning of their children during the coronavirus outbreak. The World Health Organisation recommend these strategies for helping children cope with stress during the 2019-nCoV outbreak. If you are finding things particularly challenging, please read about the specific CAMHS wellbeing offer at Heathbrook.

Other useful resources include the importance of special time, tips for how best to use praise and rewards as well as how to support your child when they feel angry.

Lambeth CAMHS are also suggesting these online wellbeing resources to support your child’s wellbeing in the event of a lengthy time away from school: Wellbeing online support services

The Lambeth Parent Forum website is recommended as a good place for parents and carers to access helpful local information.

You can also keep up to date with the latest advice from Public Health England and the NHS guidelines for preventing the spread of all viruses.

If you have any questions about this please do not hesitate to contact your child’s classteacher or a member of our office team