Year 5 have been spending this week  in literacy practising techniques to develop detail for their setting descriptions.  In groups, the children worked together to create setting descriptions which contained personification, simile, adjectives, adverbs and plenty more delicious details!

This was in preparation for the challenge …….

Two setting descriptions were chosen and read out aloud to the children  they had to draw exactly what they heard.

Have a look at some of the drawings  …..


The literacy groups also demonstrated  a huge commitment to building their skills with teamwork.



The children later reflected on the importance of detail and description in order to complete this challenge.


’ I learned setting descriptions have to have lots and lots of detail so I can imagine I’m there.

‘I really enjoyed this and it helped my imagination get even better and my teamwork.’

‘I’ve learned that setting descriptions have to have every single detail and then you can think you’re in there and it’s clear.’