It’s always really good fun to get the clay, glue, paint and  cardboard out and have a long old making session.  Painting and gluing,  fixing, attaching and using our imaginations.  But actually when you look at the children working they are multi tasking in so many ways;  sharing,  collaborating, problem solving and visioning.  In the making process they discover new skills like making a cardboard cone for a volcano or re-designing a model that hasn’t quite worked.  Today the Owls class really got into the art zone,  they were “in flow” which means they were totally immersed into their task and this is the best way to learn.  Even at clean up time they were amazing,  looking for jobs,  cleaning and putting things away, they transformed a messy room into a tidy one like magic.  All these are skills that will help them in later life and they did brilliantly today!