Latest Achievements

//Latest Achievements

Latest Achievements

Key Stage 2 results 2018

Our broad and rich Community Curriculum along with our incredibly high academic expectations mean that pupils have again significantly exceeded national levels.

82% of children at Heathbrook achieved the government’s new expected standard or above for reading, writing and maths (combined) compared with 64% nationally.

90% of children achieved the expected level in reading, compared to 75% nationally.
84% of children achieved the expected level in writing, compared to 78% nationally.
90% of children achieved the expected level in maths, compared to 76% nationally.

44% of children achieved a high level of achievement in reading, compared to 28% nationally.
18% of children achieved a high level of achievement in writing, compared to 20% nationally.
44% of children achieved a high level of achievement in maths, compared to 24% nationally.

The average ‘scaled scores’ in reading was 109.0, compared to 105.0 nationally.
The average ‘scaled scores’ in maths was 109.2, compared to 104.4 nationally.
(There are no scaled scores for writing.)

The average ‘progress score’ in reading was 4.30, compared to 0.03 nationally.
The average ‘progress score’ in writing was 1.13, compared to 0.03 nationally.
The average ‘progress score’ in maths was 3.58, compared to 0.03 nationally.

The average ‘scaled scores’ in reading was 110.4, compared to a national average of 104.1.
The average ‘scaled scores’ in maths was 109.5, compared to a national average of 104.2.

You can compare our results with other schools using the compare schools performance website.

For more information please visit the schools performance tables service.


Mayor of London’s School for Success

We are thrilled to have been selected as one of the Mayor of London’s Schools for Success! Please read Sadiq Khan’s letter which notes “It is clear you are doing something right to ensure all your students have a bright future”.


Government Initiatives IQ recognises Heathbrook Primary School as a Top Performing and Improving School

Heathbrook has been recognised as one of the Top 100 Performing and Improving Primary Schools 2016 in the whole country. Please read the editorial published in the latest issue of Government Initiatives IQ Report.


Unanimous Parent Endorsement

100% of 108 respondees to Ofsted Parent View would recommend the school to another parent! Ofsted Parent View May 2016


Pupils’ Attitudinal Survey Analysis – March 2017

The success of a child’s educational experience is heavily determined by the attitudes that they bring to their learning, their sense of aspiration and the feelings they have about their place in the broader social context of the school.

As a result, this term pupils from Year 2 to Year 6 completed our annual comprehensive questionnaire about their attitudes towards learning and school. The sample of pupils was very large. Children in Year 2 responded to 27 questions, whilst those in Years 3, 4, 5 and 6 answered 50. You will find more details about the types of questions below.

Following analysis and comparison with the same survey taken last spring, the results show that our pupils have an increasingly ‘high satisfaction with their school experience’ when compared to other schools nationally. In addition they show further improvements since last spring’s survey analysis. The report also concluded that this ‘acts as evidence of the success of the school’s existing programmes’.

Please note that this survey is just one of the many ways we constantly listen to and seek pupil’s views and feelings.

All children answered questions about:
Feelings about the school – measuring pupils’ sense of well-being, safety and comfort in school.
Preparedness for learning – measures pupils’ perceptions of their behaviour and attitude in learning situations (including metacognitive skills).
Learner self-worth – measures how positive and confident children feel about themselves as learners (including perseverance and enjoyment of learning).
Response to learning – measures pupils’ perceptions of the appropriateness of the level of difficulty of work they are asked to complete.

Children in Years 3, 4, 5 and 6 also responded to questions about:
Attitudes to teachers – measures students’ perceptions of their relationships with teachers.
General work ethic – measures students’ attitudes and responses to work in general.
Confidence in learning – measures students’ confidence in approaching and dealing with learning and perseverance when presented with challenging tasks.
Attitudes to attendance – measures students’ attitudes to attendance at school.
Response to curriculum demands – measures students’ perceptions of the appropriateness of the level of difficulty of work they are asked to complete.

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