On Wednesday afternoon, our Year 4 biologists got their hands dirty using their scientific observational skills.

“This week in science, we investigated soil and compost. On our tables, there were two separate trays; one filled with compost and the other with soil. We tried to guess which was which by thinking about what we already knew. For example, we knew that compost is made from green waste so we were hoping to find a clue that way. We used our magnifying glasses to look really closely and spot tiny differences. We also felt the textures and smelled each one. Then we made a prediction based on what we observed!”

Once all had been revealed, the children discussed which would be more efficient for growing plants, using their observations to help.

“I think that compost will be faster because there are rocks in the soil, and they might get in the way of the roots or the plants that are trying to grow.”

The Year 4 biologists then decided that they would investigate which is better by planting seeds in each and taking pictures everyday to document their growth.