On Monday 18th February in the half term holidays 15 pupils from year 5 did work experience at the Southbank Centre.  What a busy day it was with so much to learn!  They were put into 5 teams and they worked at five different work stations.  The Scoop Shop was the favourite and had our pupils serving ice-creams and selling souvenirs and gifts to long queues of people.  The box office was another favourite and they learnt how to sell tickets and help customers with their queries.  One really important job was to work with the site manager to make sure that the Festival Hall is safe and that everything is running smoothly.  Our pupils had to memorise all the events going on that day and direct customers to different locations.

Our pupils were exceptional in their politeness to members of the public and their willingness to help and assist in the running of the Imagine Festival.  It was an exhausting day and gave our pupils a real taste of the world of work and what it take to be a “Visitor Experience Host” for the day.  Well done to all involved!!