Hello Everyone! It’s really nice to see lots of you in school, even if we can only wave and say hello from a distance!

Today our lesson is very easy and fun, all you need are wax crayons and sheets of paper to begin with.  We are going to do rubbings with things that we find in the house.  Have a look at some of the examples I have done and then you can try.

Using different crayons on a plastic table mat I rubbed wonky lines to show the texture of the mat.

A raised pattern on this tin top makes a nice effect like old fashioned wall paper.

This made a good rubbing as it was made of cast iron. It’s not my team by the way!

Effect achieved using a variety of kitchen utensils, a brush, an old keyboard and a slate heart.

Circles made using tape of different sizes.

An artist who did lots of rubbings is Max Ernst.  Look him up as there are some short films of his explaining his use of frottage (that’s French for rubbing) and what artists call the technique.

Why not go outside and see what wonderful things you can find in the park or the playground.

Send me your work!  I know you will be very adventurous.


Thinking of you all,


Mrs Frost