Objectives for the Heathbrook All-Weather Pitch

These objectives have been agreed by our governing body and are put into place by our Pitch Management Committee, which includes governor, staff and parent representation:

  1. To provide a well-maintained facility for the children from 8am to 4.30pm during term time and holidays
  2. To maintain a reliable booking management system for both paying and community users of the facility outside of these hours requiring minimal school involvement
  3. To ensure there is sufficient income from hiring out the pitch to service all ongoing maintenance costs and renewal of the pitch (ie. make the facility self-sufficient) through retaining a sink fund
  4. To support and encourage local community sports groups, or local young people to use the facility, taking into account their ability to pay.



Our operator is 5aside.org who can be contacted by completing their enquiry form, by email or by calling 020 7501 8555.


Further Information

For further information about our pitch and its use, please read our Statement of Use.