As part of Be the Best you can Be! we aim to develop the responsibility children take for their own property and the property of others. We believe that lost property collections need to be regularly emptied, whilst simultaneously allowing items lost very recently a reasonable length of time to be located.

How do we do this?

We talk to the children about the strategies they use for taking responsibility for their own property and property belonging to others. We also encourage parents and carers to support children to develop this sense of responsibility and label clothing as necessary.

Each year group has a designated collection point for lost property. At the end of each half term any remaining lost property will be collected together and put in the colourful cabin in the playground. Children, parents and carers can claim missing items from the cabin during the first two weeks of the next half term. There is then a further two week period at the beginning of the next half term to look for any missing items. After this period any lost property which has still not been claimed will either be added to our collection of second-hand uniform or be donated to charity.