As part of the Lambeth Schools Consortium, the caterers ISS provide our lunches.


Here is the Heathbrook Lunch Menu – Spring 2020:


Paying for Dinners

If you are on a low income or benefits and think your child qualifies for Free School Meals, please ask at the school office for further information. Universal Free School Meals are provided by the government for children in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2. Please note that it is your responsibility to apply for Free School Meals as soon as you become eligible as payment cannot be backdated.

The daily cost of a school dinner is £2.50.

Following extremely positive feedback about using our Schoolgateway app to pay for breakfast and after school clubs, we are now supporting parents and carers to use it to pay for school dinners as well. 

Using the Schoolgateway app:

  • prevents any debts from developing
  • saves the school having to chase up any debts
  • allows greater flexibility, by allowing you to order dinners for particular days of the week if necessary
  • reduces any waste by giving the caterers an even clearer idea of numbers.

From the start of the Spring term, you will need to book and pay for dinners in advance. This means that if you have not paid for your child’s meal by 9am on any particular day, it is assumed that they are having a packed lunch.

We understand that there will be a transition period for a couple of weeks whilst we support you with the new system; please be reassured that no child will be refused a meal during this period.

If your child is absent on any day you have booked a meal, you will not be charged and your account credited the amount.

Packed Lunches

We are committed to healthy living and consistent learning throughout the day. The NHS have clear guidelines for both school meals and packed lunches.

Our governors and school councillors have agreed to support pupils to only eat foods with low levels of sugar, saturated fat and salt if they choose to have packed lunches or need to for particular reasons. As a result, they have decided that juice drinks, sweets and crisps do not constitute part of a healthy packed lunch.

A healthy packed lunch needs to include a range of different food groups:

  • Starch – from bread, pitta bread, potatoes, rice or noodles
  • Protein – from meat, fish, beans, eggs, tofu or Quorn
  • Calcium – from cheese or yoghurt
  • Vitamins and minerals – from vegetables and fruits.

Water is always available on the tables at lunchtimes. [Children can take their water bottles to lunch as part of our Covid-19 protective measures.]

Please also remember that we are a nut-free school because some of our children are extremely allergic to nuts.