Secondary Transfer 2020

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On this page we aim to share current helpful information and documents which will support parents and carers to choose suitable schools to best meet your child’s needs and details of how to apply.

Information from local authorities and secondary schools

On 1st December we were informed that the Wandsworth School Admissions Team are sending out invitations for children to sit the Wandsworth test on Saturday 5th December (there was a delay due to logistical issues with test sites, which was out of their control).

In November Lambeth admissions explained the change to secondary school 2021 preferences form due to late school selection testing result (please note you can download a word version for completing electronically).

On 5th November, Lambeth admissions announced eight schools’ cancellation of the Lambeth ‘Banding’ Test this year.

On 25th September, Ben Roberts wrote to all parents and carers of children in Year 6 to explain the latest details regarding:

  • Closing date for applications
  • Open days/evenings
  • Admissions tests.

Here are some links for local boroughs you may find helpful:

Lambeth  –
Wandsworth  –
Southwark  –

If you are considering a Lambeth school, make sure you read the starting-secondary-school-in-Lambeth-2021-2022 booklet. On page 16 you will find a list of ‘key dates’. Please note that although some parts of the process have changed, the closing date for applications remains 31st October.

At the end of the Summer term, Ben Roberts hosted a virtual meeting for parents and carers of children who were then in Year 5. The aims of the session were to:

  • support you to select a school which best meets the needs of your child
  • recommend useful questions to ask before and when you visit schools (see below)
  • provide a comprehensive map of local secondary schools (see below)
  • explain the application procedure.

If you would like a conversation with a member of staff about your specific child and circumstances, please contact the office.

Selecting your schools

Previous parents and carers have contributed to a list of questions to ask before and when you visit secondary schools.

In previous years, Heathbrook parents and carers have found this map of local secondary schools (within a 2 mile radius): Distances are measured from Heathbrook, so you may want to create your own personalised map

Here is a list of all the secondary schools attended by Heathbrook pupils who have left in recent years.

Completing the application form

The system of ‘preferences’ is complicated. This explanation of preference allocations will hopefully help.

It is recommended that you include all six preferences on your form. If you are not offered any of the schools on your application, your local authority will choose a school for your child. By requesting more of your own choices, you are less likely to be offered a school you would prefer your child not to attend.