What a week of showcasing talent it has been! From the beautiful harmonies, solos and choruses performed during our winter show – Magical Moments,  to the Story Slam extravaganza today.  Year 5 have demonstrated so many skills with art, music and literacy, but also personal qualities of mutual support and kindness.  The true spirit of this time of year.  Thank you to you all.


Have a look at some of our highlights …..



It was certainly a ‘Jolly’ start to the show!

Beautiful voices singing “Someday at Christmas”.



Year 5 children demonstrated resilience and imagination while creating their introduction to the ‘Adventures of Tap and Switch’  for a competition for the Imagination Festival at the Southbank Centre.  All the stories created where full of Sci-Fi ideas and technical, robotic details.  7 children read their introductions with confidence, and expression.  They had the audience ad the judges gripped!


Thank you to our wonderful judges to coming to a very tough decision for the winner of the STORY SLAM!


What fantastic joy and support for the winner.

Year 5, you amaze us!