This week Year 5 were part of an inspirational session with translators, illustrators and authors from around the world.  The pupils worked in groups of 6 with 2 translators and experienced what it was like to try to decipher a picture book written in another language.  They made a likely order and a fantastical order of events.  Then, using some key visuals they collaboratively made their own translation of the picture books.  The pupils demonstrated amazing enthusiasm and creativity throughout the day.  One of session leaders, Sarah Adams, herself a renowned translator commented

” the energy is extraordinary”.

IMG_3372 IMG_3377 IMG_3379 IMG_3393 IMG_3404 IMG_3409 


After lunch the pupils were fortunate to hear a keynote speech by Nadine Kadaan. She is from Syria and has translated and illustrated stories from Arabic so that we may enjoy them too.  She spoke of how “It is very easy to be afraid”  (of a new language) and continued “Learning a new language gives you a window into another world.”


We are so grateful for this wonderful experience which has given our children inspiration and aspiration.  Many thanks to the Southbank Centre who provided this enriching day and to the group of pupils from Wyvil who came along and joined in for the day.