Focus for the week – continuing to show resourcefulness

Over the past few weeks everyone has had to be incredibly resourceful in so many ways. This week we are encouraging you to celebrate that resourcefulness and consider other opportunities you can take.

Resourcefulness is a vital skill for life. At Heathbrook it is one of our Be the Best you can Be! values and we describe it as making connections, learning creatively, imagining, being flexible, questioning, using thinking skills, applying what has been learned, magpie-ing (using someone else’s ideas)’. Research shows that people who learn to be more resourceful have healthier mindsets and achieve academically.

Here are some suggested activities for ‘continuing to show resourcefulness’ at home: [Please note that several of our suggestions this week have already been shared previously, however we are aware that there has been a huge amount of information for everyone to manage. So looking back at recommended strategies is hopefully helpful at this stage.]

  • Celebrate what you are already doing (particularly being flexible, applying skills you have already learned and magpie-ing) and consider who to share this with; classteachers are very keen to hear from you and will put photos of your resourcefulness on a class blog
  • Listen and talk to each other, using questioning; explore where you are on the Zones of Regulation and support each other to get back to the green zone if you need to
  • Use (or revisit) the simple circle of control activity to manage what to expect of yourself more effectively; this will particularly help identify one problem at a time if things feel a bit overwhelming
  • Be imaginative and magpie ideas from Ben Howell’s indoor gardening blog (now including two videos and more to come) or Vanessa Cuvelier’s Baking with Miss Cuvelier’s YouTube videos
  • Remember that Cathy Frost has shared some simple art activities you can learn creatively with at home, whilst Savi Bale has provided a range of activities on our music webpage (as well as weekly music assembly blogs when you scroll down).