Focus for the week – learning about what makes me happy

In this time of uncertainty, both adults and children can have worries about the present and the future. It is helpful to think about strategies that might be able to reconnect us with happier feelings.

Lots of what we are sharing overlaps with previous weekly focuses on resilience and resourcefulness. That is because the Be the Best you can Be! values are all interlinked. So you may find it helpful to read or refer back to focus for previous weeks.

Here are some ideas for ‘learning about what makes me happy’ at home:

  • Before you start, remembering that we are all unique and different, so accept and celebrate that each of us will find happiness in our own way
  • Supporting your child to recognise what makes them happy and be realistic about what is possible currently
  • Simply cuddling a toy, blanket or pet can reduce our heart rate and stops someone thinking about a worry for a short period of time
  • Doing something enjoyable, eg. playing with a toy, drawing, cooking, growing, making music (including singing), dancing, reading a book
  • Remembering someone who is fun to be with, eg. a friend, family member, and reconnecting with those good memories by using photos, phone calls or virtual meetings
  • Reinforcing learning of any or all of these strategies is important by talking, recording it in some form of writing or a drawing.

To support you further, the Lambeth Educational Psychology Service have created a YouTube Channel. You can already watch educational psychologists explaining about ‘Emotion Coaching’, ‘Managing Conflict’ and ‘Motivating Home Learners’. Over time they will be uploading more advice covering an even wider range of topics.