Focus for the week – being good to our bodies

After two months of lockdown, our bodies have been affected in different ways. This week could be a good time to think about what each of us needs right now. Remember there is no right or wrong; each one of us knows our body best.

Here are some ideas for ‘being good to our bodies’ at home:

  • Be aware of what your body enjoyed doing before lockdown; what exercise made you happiest
  • Use one of the online exercise apps or YouTube videos (hundreds of thousands of families worldwide have used Joe Wicks’s ‘Body Coach’ sessions during lockdown); the NHS change4life website has a whole section with ideas for indoor activities
  • Note that, from Monday 1st June, the government says we can meet in groups of up to six people in parks as long as we continue to practise social distancing
  • Consider what you are eating and drinking; increase the amount of water you are drinking, particularly during this hot period and encourage children to consume plenty of fruit and vegetables. (Again the NHS change4life website is packed with food facts and child-friendly recipes.)
  • Recognise the importance of sleep; scientists believe regular and sufficient sleep benefits our bodies more than exercise and a healthy diet combined! The NHS recommended levels of sleep for children are possibly higher than you would expect.