Focus for the week – recognising emotions and managing feelings

Understandably the ongoing pandemic is emotional for all of us. Children will find it particularly challenging to recognise their emotions and begin to manage their feelings. 

  • Identify how each one of us is feeling about the virus and what is happening in the world as a result; use the Zones of Regulation guidance
  • Use art or drama to further explore these emotions and accept them as okay
  • Research using books, the internet or asking someone on the phone. People around the world have found this free e-book to be helpful and Lambeth have produced a very useful guide for parents and carers to support children’s wellbeing and learning during this time
  • Record your thinking – make a book, create a poster, write an imaginative story etc. (ask your child for their ideas)
  • Share your learning with someone (you might want to decide who this will be earlier in the process to have more of a purpose).