Focus for the week – growing at home

This week we are turning our attention to growing. Spring is a great time of year to grow plants and, as well as providing lots of learning potential, research shows it benefits our wellbeing. Here are some suggestions for ‘growing at home’:

  • Read a brief explanation of all the ways more contact with nature benefits children’s concentration, motivation, relationships and happiness
  • Use what you have – you can grow things in eggshells, yoghurt pots and pretty much any container which means you are helping the environment too
  • Pick up seedlings from school that you can grow at home, as mentioned in last week’s Newsletter (lots of you have already done this)
  • [This week, in the same way, you can also pick up a small shopping bag of our compost from the wildlife garden – big thanks to the Co-op garage for the compostable bags!]
  • Learn that plants can grow with just water and light in the correct conditions (soil just contains nutrients to help them grow stronger). This is called hydroponics – watch Ben Howell’s video including lots of ideas for growing plants in water at home
  • Carry out more research; there are loads of weird and wonderful videos of people all over the world exploring how things grow on YouTube and other websites
  • Record your thinking – encourage scientific skills (observing, identifying, measuring, predicting etc.), maths skills (counting, capacity) and art skills (use whatever art medium you enjoy and have resources for; have a look at Cathy Frost’s collage blog if you choose collage)
  • Share learning with someone – you might want to decide who this will be earlier in the process to have more of a purpose.

You can also find out more about how we use Outdoor Learning at Heathbrook in a short video.