Focus for the week – developing resilience with kindness

This week we encourage you to support your child’s emotional wellbeing by using kindness to build resilience.

‘Resilience’ is how we cope with uncertainty and changing situations. We need to learn to become more resilient in the same way as we need to learn to read or do maths; by using strategies and practising them regularly.

Kindness is key to being resilient. When we are all kind and supportive to each other, dealing with challenges becomes much easier. This also includes being kind to ourselves.

This is why resilience is one of our Be the Best you can Be! Values at Heathbrook. 

Here are some suggested activities for ‘developing resilience with kindness’ at home:

  • Talk about ways you are already kind to each other and record them in some way (as mentioned in the Newsletter, children of Key Workers at school have made this Kindness Tree with a kind action written or drawn on each leaf); recognise how acts of kindness make you feel, when you give them and receive them
  • Hold up a ‘kindness mirror’ and think of at least one kind thought about yourself, how you look or your personality; this will help you to feel good about yourself and see the good in others
  • Explore new ways you can be kind to each other (and ourselves) and plan how you are going to carry out these acts of kindness
  • Celebrate acts of kindness by telling others, making a poster (possibly putting it in a window)
  • Use a simple circle of control activity to manage what to expect of yourself more effectively; this will particularly help identify one problem at a time if things feel a bit overwhelming
  • Consider how social media can be used as a force for good; read British Red Cross advice about making sure you are sharing positive stories online [the British Red Cross are part of the Red Cross and Red Crescent network supporting communities all over the world to become more resilient]
  • Enjoy watching this short acts of kindness YouTube video together.