Focus for the week – supporting our friendships

One of the most challenging aspects of lockdown has been the impact it has had on our friendships. Whilst lots of adults have increased the amount of phone and virtual time spent with friends, lots of evidence shows that this cannot replace time spent in person. This is even more so for children who find phone and virtual conversations challenging.

As a small number of children return to school this week, we are looking forward to seeing their friendships reignite. Teachers have planned several activities for them to explore the importance of friendships together. 

Meanwhile at home, here are some suggestions of things you might do to support your child’s friendships:

  • Encourage your child to talk about who their friends are and what they (previously) enjoyed doing together; validate their feelings about the importance of these friendships and reassure them that everyone is missing friends currently
  • Support this ‘reconnecting’ process by doing something to represent the feelings for other friends; eg. make cards, draw a picture
  • Meet up with a particular friend/s; now that the government is easing lockdown, guidance includes being able to meet in a park (as long as you are 6 people or less and follow social distancing expectations)
  • Watch Frog and Toad are Friends (any of the Frog and Toad series will allow you to talk about friendships with your child)
  • Read A Friend for Little Bear.