What a brilliant week we’ve had!

We started learning new sounds in Phonics, and we were so lucky to be able to practise our rhythm and rhyme in class as well as with the help of a visitor – a Reception mum who is an Opera singer! We absolutely loved using our bodies to create music, and using our voices in different ways.

We also started exploring all things Autumn – from noticing the changes in the leaves, to smelling the warm spices that always keep us feeling cozy.

We loved PE as well – Rain or shine, we do love getting out there! This week, we worked on our coordination through running and side to side movements.

Lastly, we celebrated Poetry week this week. We learned a lot of new poems, especially loving Michael Rosen’s “Chocolate Cake” (We all wanted a bit of that chocolate cake after he described it!). Cygnets and Ducklings learned their own class poems so that we were able to perform it to each other at the end of the week. What fun!