This week the Wild Things experienced much joy from the leaves.  They have been collecting, dragging, wheeling and scooping the leaves from all parts of the school to the wildlife garden.  They are putting them into the compost heap to add to the ‘browns’ component.  They have been hauling them into the leaf mould area.  That took at team to manoeuvre! After all that hard work one Wild Thing even had a lie down! They are so warm and comfortable!



We have been thinking about insects this week and learned that worms move with their muscles.  The segments stretch out, like a slinky, and contract again.  They also have 8 little hairs under each segment which act as tiny legs.  We decided to look closely through the magnifying glass.


Our composting continues.  The Wild Things have weekly tasks to collect the composting bins from around school and empty the weekly food scraps, clean the bins and return them to where they belong.  We have been tracking the temperature of the compost too.  This week it is 10 degrees lower.  We will continue to collect this data and come up with some hypotheses as to why this could be.