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This Week’s Learning – week beginning 15/7/2019


This week in literacy, we will be finishing and editing our poems based on the book ‘Way Home’.


This week in maths, we will be continuing our measure topic. We will be learning to cconvert between different units of metric measure (for example, kilometre and metre; centimetre and metre; centimetre and millimetre; gram and kilogram; litre and millilitre).



Please speak to your child’s spelling teacher if you need a copy of this week’s spellings.

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1707, 2019

ABRSM Grade Exams

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Well done to our instrumentalists who took part in their ABRSM grade exams. We had an array of exams, including the flute, violin and recorder. They have worked really hard and deserve a well rested [...]

1207, 2019

The crops are abundant!

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Year 5 and the Wild things have spent the day harvesting, trimming, bundling and beautifying our crops and herbs in preparation for VENN STREET MARKET tomorrow.  We can’t wait to get together on the stall [...]

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Imaginators Science Workshop

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We are celebrating over two years of being involved with the community programme of the Institute of Imagination in Vauxhall.  In that time we have made countless visits to their workshop in an old fire [...]

507, 2019

Pond life

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It was all about the water this week in Wild Things.  One of the tasks was to remove the stones from around the pond in preparation for a new pond lining.  We know  it is  a habitat for newts however were unaware with how happy they were living among the pebbles  the Wild Things spotted many newts today and were able to observe them closely. Many mindful moments … Only one week until Venn Street Market which will be on Saturday 13 th July from 10 am.  We will be selling our herbs, flowers, plants and produce in gorgeous tins created by the Wild Things this afternoon.  We were watering generously today to encourage some extra deliciousness! We were introduced to this idea by Natural Thinkers and it was great fun and well investigated today.  I don’t think the Wild Things hands’ have ever been so clean ! […]

407, 2019

Southbank- London Curriculum

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Some of Year 5 took part in a pilot programme for the new London Curriculum. The children visited the sites for Rambert, BFI, National Theatre and the Southbank and took part in workshops in each [...]

307, 2019

Way Home Performance

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Today lots of the year 5 children performed an excerpt from our literacy text- The Way Home.  The children interpreted their piece in many different ways focusing on intonation, sound effects, drama and music. They [...]