Hi Year 6,

Well done for all your hard work this year and good luck with all your adventures in Year 7.  You have been a wonderfully musical and theatrical bunch and I hope lots of you continue to pursue the arts in secondary school.

Your parents were super impressed with your song, so I have attached an mp3 and a link to the lyrics so we can share this with everyone! This song is dedicated to all the Year 6 leavers!!

We decided to write a song about covid-19 during our online music lessons. It started with brainstorming ideas for our song with each class writing their own verse. We picked through some of the lyrics and picked the best ones for our catchy chorus….very important! Having got some lyrics together, we decided to sing them to various beats/loops. We selected our favourite one and and started coming up with a melody to go with the lyrics. The raps followed, which were all so different!! Recording the vocals was the hardest part. We chopped up some lyrics here and there and hey presto, we created a song!!!

This was mainly done through virtual lessons, which is such an achievement!

Enjoy listening to your creation……Covid-19!!



Covid-19 song lyrics