Well done on your home learning thus far Year 6! Remember to keep emailing us the wonderful learning journey you are on at home so we can share and celebrate your achievements. Thank you to Amelia, Ivor, Oscar, Hani, Mariela, Omer and Dexter for sharing your work with us.

The Hush of a Pandemic by Amelia Magid 
Are we to fight, are we to fall?
A cold bitter night.
A day of silence.
Believing to be the icy snow,
but no.
Days, weeks, months, later
but still silence.
Confusion visits all of the faunas of the planet.
Where are all of the ruthless polluters that infest our home?
The air is so pure, so crisp.
The water is so clear, so fresh, so safe.
The trees, the grass, the plants are flourishing so tall, so strong, so robust.
Does the planet belong to us once again?
Did we win?